Computer Vision and Image Analysis Research Update 10/23/14

Tung, Smith, Merck


  • Fall R21 for ablation planning project in prep
    • Basically just budget and finalize approach left
  • Summer industry mtbi project site visit happened, moving ahead
  • Image fusion for DBS (Assad) ramping up
    • Collins working w med student on data review and using Velocity (registration software) to directly measure MR->intraop CT brain shift
  • Kobayashi (ED) AHRQ R18 proposal for developing "Smart Alarms" awarded, we have a modest consultant fee to help with systems integration


  • 1 abstract submitted: ultrasound texture analysis (Wu) for Lifespan research
  • 6 manuscripts in prep: 2x ablation (Deshazer, Cook/Glidden), endoscopy (Luks/Fallon), u/s shape modeling for stenostosis (Taylor/DeFreitas), u/s texture analysis (Beland/Wu), google glass (Porter/Chai/R Wu)


  • Garron Deshazer presented a poster at a MICCAI workshop and is continuing work on patient-specific thermal ablation simulations with Walsh and Prakash (KSU)
  • Krishna Nand is continuing work on statistical models for predicting ablation treatment shape with Kimia and others
  • Jie Ying Wu is working on applying our ultrasound texture analysis methodology to ischemic stroke assessment
  • Adding Wes Albright, AMS student, to ablation planning project as data curator, has a background in segmentation, Matlab, dual energy CT



  • Keyed, but needs rekeyed
  • Still juggling offices
  • PO in to ORA for tech package (thanks Smith and Noto)
  • Macs delivered, installed, secured (thanks Merck and Collins)

Significant updates to website

Research imaging database

  • Working with Howison on possible CCV plan leveraging BIBS resources
  • Working with Stockman/Palm on possible Azure + Xnat plan


  • Presented as a "Visionary Speaker" at RIH Business Development Workshop (for Brouillette)
  • HIRES meeting w 5 department chiefs
  • 3D printing meeting w Tung, Wong, students
    • He needs a cellular printer; we need something more traditional; next steps?
  • Research meeting with the new chief of med phys in radonc
    • Has good startup support for developing a research program + wants to work closely w us
  • Halilaj dissertation defense (w Crisco, Laidlaw, Fleming, many others)
  • Research meeting with Haemmerich, another international authority on ablation modeling and invited him to workshop

Coming up

  • RSNA presentations in 6 weeks; is there departmental support for student presentations? Could use support for Deshazer (ablation w Dupuy) and Konrad (u/s w Beland)

Next Computer Vision & Image Analysis Research Update Meeting: Tuesday 10/28 11am