Notes by Derek Merck

Setting up a FreeSurfer Worker Node on Azure

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Azure guru Peter Barrera at Microsoft for setting up the infrastructure. And thanks to Ezra Wegbreit at PediMind and Ryan Cabeen for their expertise with Freesurfer.

If you need to do neuro MR post-processing, but don't have access to a high performance computing cluster, it's ...

Computer Vision and Image Analysis Research Update 10/23/14

Tung, Smith, Merck


  • Fall R21 for ablation planning project in prep
    • Basically just budget and finalize approach left
  • Summer industry mtbi project site visit happened, moving ahead
  • Image fusion for DBS (Assad) ramping up
    • Collins working w med student on data review and using Velocity (registration software) to directly ...

Translational Research Workflow and Tools

At any given time, the 3D Lab has 3-5 students, RAs, and technologists working with a half a dozen collaborators across the hospital and Brown on multiple projects. I do very little actual science anymore; I mostly organize research projects. So I have become increasingly interested in academic productivity and ...

3D Lab Website Development

Back in the day, I was a web developer. I actually learned how to program because I was too lazy to copy and paste footers, so I ended up writing my own parsers to read marked up text files into a sql database where I could use it to dynamically ...

3D Face Capture

Merck 3D Face

I am putting together a strategy for creating a bust of a donor who is supporting our tech build out. My idea is to do a 3D capture of their head and then fabricate it with the 3D printing hardware at Prince Labs.

Dr. Stephen Sullivan demoed the Canfield Vectra ...

Computer Vision and Image Analysis Research Update 7/22/14


  • Ablation planning project awarded a Brown University DEANs grant (Merck, Kimia, Dupuy)
  • Fall R21 for ablation planning project in prep
  • Fall? K (L Merck) for hydrocephalus in prep


  • 4 manuscripts in prep: 2xAblation (Deshazer, Cook/Glidden), endoscopy (Fallon), u/s shape modeling for stenostosis (DeFreitas)
  • 2 abstracts in ...