Animated Atlas of African History 1879-2002

Welcome to the Animated Atlas of African History! This map gives a year-by-year presentation of selected themes in the history of Africa between 1879 and 2002. Toggle buttons allow you to select which thematic layers to activate.  Choices include:

You can advance or reverse the chronology and change the speed with "play," "fast forward," and "rewind" buttons. The site also offers a textual summary of the year-by-year changes. The Flash-based animation may be operated interactively on the web or downloaded as Mac OS X or Windows executibles.

The AAAH is designed to be an instructional tool at the secondary and college levels as well as for the general learner. It is subject to revisions based on new research and user feedback. Please check often for the latest version.

AAAH on the Web 2008.2.08 366Kview
AAAH for Mac OS 2008.2.08 1.6Mdownload
AAAH for Windows 2008.2.08 3.8Mdownload
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