Center of Digital Epigraphy
at Brown University


John Bodel, Co-Director

John Bodel is Professor of Classics and History at Brown University. He directs the U.S. Epigraphy Project and since 2001 has been involved with the EpiDoc team in developing a set of conventions for editing inscriptions digitally in XML.

Michael Satlow, Co-Director

Michael Satlow is Associate Professor of ReligiousStudies and Judaic Studies at Brown University, with primary research interests in the social and religious history of Jews in antiquity. He directs the "Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine" project, which seeks to collect and make accessible on the web the published inscriptions from Israel/ Palestine that date between the Persian and Roman periods (ca. 520 BCE - 640 CE).

Elli Mylonas, Technical Director

Elli Mylonas leads Brown University's Scholarly Technology Group. She has worked with Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine and the US Epigraphy Project since they each came to Brown.

Heidi Wendt, Project Manager, US Epigraphy Project

Heidi Wendt is a third year graduate student in religious studies at Brown University.

Anna Schnur-Fishman, Senior Encoder, Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine

Anna Schnur-Fishman '09.5 is a student in Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences at Brown University.

Bryan Brinkman, Staff, US Epigraphy Project

Bryan Brinkman is a second year graduate student in history at Brown University.

Joseph Faucer, Staff, Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine

Joseph Faucer is a student in engineering at Brown University.

Eric Gruebel, Staff, Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine

Eric Gruebel is a student at Brown University.

David Thomas, Staff, US Epigraphy Project

Dave Thomas is a second year graduate student in history at Brown University.

Rachel Wexler, Staff, Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine

Rachel is a student at Brown University.



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