The Kim group is a bioinorganic laboratory based in the Department of Chemistry at Brown University. Our research uses a multidisciplinary approach that draws from synthetic inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, spectroscopy, and toxicology. The development of fundamental inorganic chemistry allows us to address challenging biology and environmental problems. Please explore the website to learn more about our group and our exciting research!


National Science Foundation continues to support our Iron-sulfur project. – July 15, 2018.

Congratulations to Dr. Taylor Elrod, Dr. Kevin Sterling and Dr. Ryan Lehane on achieving PhD !!!  – 250th Commencement, May 27, 2018

The Kim group welcomes a visiting graduate student, Minseon Kim ! – Feb 1, 2018

Collaborative project Molecular Informatics begins. – Jan 22, 2018

The Kim group welcomes a new graduate student, Adam Thibodeaux ! – Jan 1, 2018


Check out our newest publication!

"Lewis Acid Assisted Nitrate Reduction with Biomimetic Molybdenum Oxotransferase Complex"    – Inorg. Chem., 2018, 57, pp 2594-2602