This section from a transbronchial biopsy in an immunodeficient patient reveals infiltration with acute and chronic inflammatory cells. Enlarged epithelial cells with eosinophilic inclusions are seen. The inset shows a CMV inclusion from another case of CMV pneumonia.

Cytomegalovirus infection is an opportunistic infection. It is highly communicable by person to person contact. It is shed in urine, saliva, semen and other body fluids. Most individuals are exposed but those in good health usually develop no symptoms or a monononucleosis-like syndrome. In the immunosuppressed patient CMV infection involves many organs including the lung, eye, gut, brain, and kidney. Pneumonia is common and frequently fatal. CMV can be transmitted also by blood transfusion, organ transplantation, or transplacentally to the developing embryo or fetus where it causes serious consequences.

From the slide collection of the late Dr. Charles Kuhn