• No, Federal regulations stipulate that summer salary from sponsored programs “must be for actual work performed on the sponsored program from which the funds are paid and must be paid for personal services performed during the period stipulated.” In particular, a faculty member cannot be paid in the summer period for work that was done on a sponsored program in the previous 10-month academic year, nor can the faculty member be paid for work that will be done in the following 10-month academic year. Grant and contract sponsors require written Certification of Effort reports signed by the faculty member that document the time and effort spent on a sponsored program during the period in which the grant work was carried out and for which an individual is being compensated.
  • Example: Professor Smith’s IBS for the 10-month academic year is $100,000 and she proposes to devote 40% effort to a sponsored project during one month of the upcoming summer. The summer salary to be charged to the sponsor for Professor Smith’s work/effort on the project will be paid at the rate of 1/10th of $100,000 or $10,000 for each month of the summer. Because her percent effort on the project will be 40% during one summer month, a total of $10,000 x 0.40 or $4,000 will be allocated for Professor Smith’s summer salary.

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