Senior Officers

Jack A. Elias, MD

Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences, Senior Vice President for Health Affairs

Box G-A1, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-3330

Office of the Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences

Michele G. Cyr, MD

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Box G-A1, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-1139

Office of Biomed Faculty Administration (BMFA)

Joseph A. Diaz, MD

Associate Dean for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Box G-M126, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-2364

Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Kim Galligan

Executive Dean for Administration

Box G-M, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-3628

Office of the Executive Dean for Administration

Elizabeth O. Harrington, PhD

Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Box G-A126, Providence, RI 02912 (401) 863 3281

Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Edward Hawrot, PhD

Associate Dean of Biology

Box G-E336, Providence, RI 02912-G, 401-863-1034

Program in Biology

Julianne Y. Ip, MD

Associate Dean of Medicine (Program in Liberal Medical Education)

Box G-A1, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-3098

Program in Liberal Medical Education

Maureen G. Phipps, MD

Assistant Dean for Teaching and Research on Women's Health

Box G-WIH, Providence, RI 02905, 401-274-1122, ext. 1575

Sharon I. Rounds, MD

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Box G-VAMC, Providence, RI 02912 401-863-1775

Katherine F. Smith, PhD

Associate Dean of Biology Undergraduate Education

Brown University, Box G-A1, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-3814

Office of Biology Undergraduate Education

Bethany Solomon

Associate Dean for Biomedical Advancement

Box G-ADV, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-2413

Biomedical Advancement

Allan R. Tunkel, MD

Associate Dean of Medical Education

Box G-M, Providence, RI 02912

Office of Medical Education