Senior Officers

Jack A. Elias, MD

Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences, Senior Vice President for Health Affairs

Box G-A1, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-3330

Office of the Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences

Cailie Burns

Assistant Dean for Biomedical Advancement

Box 1893, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-2413

Biomedical Advancement

Michele Cyr

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Box G-A1, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-1139

Office of Biomed Faculty Administration (BMFA)

Shontay Delalue

Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity Interim Senior Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Box 1988, Providence, RI 02912

Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity

Joseph A. Diaz, MD

Associate Dean for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Box G-M126, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-2364

Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Kimberly Galligan

Executive Dean for Administration

Box G-M, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-3628

Office of the Executive Dean for Administration

Elizabeth O. Harrington, PhD

Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Box G-A126, Providence, RI 02912 (401) 863 3281

Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Edward Hawrot

Senior Associate Dean of Biology

Box G-E336, Providence, RI 02912-G, 401-863-1034

Program in Biology

Julianne Y. Ip, MD

Associate Dean of Medicine (Program in Liberal Medical Education)

Box G-A1, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-3098

Program in Liberal Medical Education

Sharon I. Rounds, MD

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Box G-VAMC, Providence, RI 02912 401-863-1775

Kate Smith, PhD

Associate Dean of Biology Undergraduate Education

Brown University, Box G-A1, Providence, RI 02912, 401-863-3814

Office of Biology Undergraduate Education

Allan R. Tunkel, MD

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education

Box G-M, Providence, RI 02912

Office of Medical Education