Staff Directory


Neil Safier
Beatrice and Julio Mario Santo Domingo Director & Librarian
PhD History, Johns Hopkins University 2004
(401) 863-2725 

Ian Graham
Associate Librarian
MLIS, Syracuse University
(401) 863-1598 


Programming & Outreach


Christy Law Blanchard
Associate Director of Communications & Program Development 
MS, Public Relations, Syracuse University, 1996
(401) 863-3914 

Tara Kingsley
Coordinator of Academic Programming & Public Outreach
MA, Latin American Studies, Vanderbilt University, 2016
(401) 863-1553 

Maureen O'Donnell
Manager of Board & Donor Relations
(401) 863-1262 


Cataloging & Digital Initiatives

Adelina Axelrod
Copy Cataloguing Coordinator
MLS, Simmons College 1995
Portuguese language
(401) 863-2726 

Donna Dorvick
Rare Book Digitization Technician

John Minichiello
Rare Book Digitization Technician
(401) 863-5445

Ross Mulcare
Assistant Director for Digital Engagement & Discovery
PhD History, Harvard University 2016
(401) 863-1557 

Susan Newbury
Head of Cataloguing & Metadata Services
MSLS, Simmons College 1977
Spanish, French, and Russian languages
(401) 863-1550 

Allison Rich
Rare Materials Cataloguer
MLS, Simmons College 1998 
French and Latin languages 
(401) 863-9948 



Bertie Mandelblatt
George S. Parker II ’51 Curator of Maps and Prints
PhD, University of London, 2008
Historical geography, historical cartography, French colonial history,
slavery, commodities and consumption, environmental history

Stijn Van Rossem
Curator of European Books
PhD, University of Antwerp, 2014
Book history, early modern European history, history of graphic design

Ken Ward
Maury A. Bromsen Curator of Latin American Books 
PhD, University of Texas at Austin 2013
History of the book, colonial Latin American 
history, paleography
(401) 863-7707 


Research & Reference Services

Valerie Andrews
Public Services Assistant
(401) 863-2725

Scott B. Ellwood
Public Services Assistant
(401) 863-2725

Kimberly Nusco
Assistant Librarian for Research & Reference Services
MLS, University of Rhode Island 2003
American History
(401) 863-1263 

Meghan Sullivan-Silva
Reading Room Coordinator
MLS, Simmons College 2015
(401) 863-3923 




Administration Office
(401) 863-2725
(401) 863-3477 (fax) 

Association of Friends & Fellows
(401) 863-3914

Reference Office
(401) 863-1263

Front Desk/Reading Room
(401) 863-3923

Digitization Department
(401) 863-3457


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John Hay Library, Brown University (401) 863-2146
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Sciences Library, Brown University
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