Acknowledge CFAR

Funding from NIH for the CFAR is dependent on evidence that the CFAR is providing value added in the conduct of HIV/AIDS research.  One way this support is documented is through the acknowledgement of the Providence/Boston CFAR in publications, abstracts and presentations.  If you have received funding, consultation, mentorship, research support services, materials, training, access to shared equipment and/or space from one of the CFAR Cores, please acknowledge the CFAR by using the following statement:

This work was facilitated by the Providence/Boston Center for AIDS Research (P30AI042853).

Download the CFAR logo

Download the FileProvBosCFAR_slidetemplate_3.2018.pptx(includes CFAR acknowledgement slide).

Download the Providence/Boston CFAR Resources section for grant applications:

FileProvBosCFAR_Resources_grant applications.docx