BioBehavioral Sciences Core

The BioBehavioral Sciences Core (BBSC) supports innovative, integrated medical/behavioral research to improve the HIV treatment cascade and HIV prevention among vulnerable populations including justice-involved individuals, women, youth, and persons living in hyperepidemic resource-limited settings.

Our diverse biobehavioral services support HIV research in seven areas and comprise our aims:

1) provide access to populations of HIV-infected persons and persons at-risk for HIV-infection, including associated data. This includes support with participant recruitment, enrollment, and retention to advance biobehavioral research.  For researchers looking to utilize the Miriam Hospital Immunology Center cohort, a request form must be completed and submitted for approval.

2) provide services to support innovative medical and behavioral data collection approaches, including methods, tools, and assessments;

3) provide expertise and services related to regulatory and human subjects’ compliance, and the ethical conduct of research for vulnerable populations;

4) provide expertise and services to support the development, implementation, and evaluation of interventions to improve HIV prevention and continuum of care outcomes;

5) provide specialized services for the conduct of implementation science research 

6) PrEP related services and information - go here

7) Provide guidance and support for accessing EMR data: In collaboration with the Biostatistics Core, the Core will provide guidance and support for accessing and analyzing electronic health records (EHR) data from Brown and BU-affiliated hospitals as well as for statistical issues related to analysis of EHR data.