CFAR Developmental Past Recipients

   Year Awarded     CFAR Awardee                                      Title of Study
2019 Sosnowy, Collette PrEP update among female sex workers
  Erqou, Sebat Epigenetic markers of aging in HIV and HIV-associated cardiac dysfunction
  Marathe, Jai Interactions between the antiviral vaginal microbicide film MB66 and the vaginal microbiome
  Nakiyingi, Lydia Impact of mycobacterium tuberculosis disease on HIV-1 persistent reservoirs
  Kapasa, Monica Factors associated with low viral load suppressionin children on antiretroviral therapy in Lusaka District Zambia
2018 Bor, Jacob Building an integrated rifampicin-resistant TB-HIV cohort from routine laboratory data in Western Cape, South Africa
  Pellowski, Jennifer Postpartum retention in HIV care and follow-up care for pregnancy complications with potential underlying NCD among women living with HIV in Cape Town, South Africa
  Were, Lawrence Insurance Status and Health Outcomes Among HIV and HIV TB Co-infected Persons in Kenya
  Johnson, William Evan Impact of TB and HIV co-infection on host and microbial gene expression in the upper airway
  Holland, Sabina HIV Drug Resistance Detected During Low Level Viremia in Children and Adolescents
  Hughto, Jacklyn Examining Multilevel Factors Associated with Entry Into and Engagement in the HIV Prevention and Care Continuum for Transgender Adults in Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  Barocas, Joshua Characterizing causes of and factors associated with drug overdose deaths among people with HIV in Massachusetts
  Biello, Katie Rapid Assessment of PrEP Acceptability and Need Among Non-Urban PWID in the US Northeast
  Tao, Jun Peer-driving intervention promoting pre-exposure prophylaxis uptake among African American  and Hispanic/Latino men who have sex with men
  Akiyama, Hisashi Contribution of persistently infected myeloid cells to neuroinflammation and neurotoxicity
2017 Enimil, Anthony Improving Adolescent Engagement in Care Through Group-Based Economic Incentives
  DelCastillo, Ronald Developing Strategies to Promote Engagement in HIV Care Among HIV-Risk Populations in the Philippines
  So-Armah, Kaku HIV, multi-substance use and alterations in fecal microbial communities: a novel potential mechanism for HIV-associated end-organ disease (ST. Peter HIV-Microbiome)
  Rybak, Natasha Counting Kids: Enhancing Detection of Pediatric Tuberculosis in Ukraine
  Raifman, Julia A novel approach to evaluating HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis implementation among people who inject drugs and men who have sex with men in Massachusetts using an All Payer Claims Database
  Agosto, Luis Preexisting Tuberculosis Infection Influences HIV Replication
2016 Helfand, Stephen Identification of pathways that repress HIV proviruses using an in vivo Drosophila-based screen
  Ingalls, Robin Role of complement activation in the development of HIV-associated metabolic syndrome
  Lunze, Karsten Double stigma as barrier to integrated HIV treatment among HIV infected PWID in Ukraine
  vandenBerg, Jacob Acceptability of next-generation pre-exposure prophylaxis formulations among young African American and Hispanic/Latino men who have sex with men at two urban sexually transmitted disease clinics
  Wray, Tyler Alcohol use and adherence to daily oral HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW)
  Bonawitz, Rachael Effect of Maternal ART on Clinical Outcomes in HIV-exposed, uninfected infants
  Degterev, Alexei Role of caspase-8 activation in establishing HIV infection
  Dunn, Casey Inferring HIV Transmission Networks from "Deep" Viral Phyulogenies
  Porter, Tyrone A novel microfluidic system to investigate mechanism of HIV-induced disruption of BBB function
2015 Kamaara, Eunice Exploring the role of faith leaders towards promotion of home based HIV testing and treatment programs around Kisumu, Kenya
  Nepolo, Emmanuel HIV drug resistance virological failure in patients on antiretroviral therapy after treatment interruption
  Walt, David A point-of-care diagnositc platform for cryptosporidiosis in HIV-infected individuals in resource-limited settings
  Wing, Edward An internet-based behavioral weight program for HIV+ patients
  Jamieson, Amanda Tolerance of HIV-Related Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome
  Bauer, Cici The spatial pattern of HIV treatment cascade from home-based counseling and testing in western Kenya
  Quayson, Solomon Postmortem diagnoses of lung disease and sensitivity of infectious agents in HIV/AIDS patients in a tertiary referral hospital in Ghana
  Stopka, Tom Developing a comprehensive model of the HIV care continuum in nine small cities in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  Chan, Philip & Marshall, Brandon Implementation of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis for men who have sex with men with and without substance use in Providence and New Haven
  Itsura, Peter Outcomes of radical hysterectomy for operable early cervical cancer in HIV positive and HIV negative women in Western Kenya
  Tonui, Philiph Digital cervicography using mobile phones with real-time consultation (DCRC) to improve performance of visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) in cervical cancer screening of HIV-infected women
  Kannangai, Rajesh A pilot study to identify the influence of IL-28B gene polymorphisms and IFN levels on TH-17 cells in HIV patients presenting with IRIS
  Wachira, Juddy How do HIV patients in Western Kenya conceptualize physician-patient communication
  Wurcel, Alysse The economic burden of HIV and HCV infection in hospitalized inmates
  Assoumou, Sabrina Integrating HCV and HIV screening during the era of HIV antigen testing
  Bazzi, Angela &               Biello, Katie Optimizing bio-behavioral HIV prevention approaches for people who inject drugs
  Caro, Jose Tissue biomarkers and cellular immunity as predictors of recurrence of anal high-grade squamous intracepithelial lesion in the HIV positive MSM
  Kuohung, Wendy  &        Hardy, Erica  Impact of long-acting progestin contraception on the vaginal microbiome
  Munro, James Single-molecule imaging of HIV-1 Env activation by CD4
2014 Mo, Phoenix A randomized controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of a positive psychology and social networking intervention in reducing depressive symptoms among HIV-infected men who have sex with men in China
  Barnett, Nancy Investigating the Mechanisms through which Alcohol Exerts its Effects on Sex Risk:  A field Study Using Ecological Momentary Assessment
  Coetzer, Mia Coreceptor usage in HIV-1 non-B subtypes after antiretroviral therapy failure in resource limited settings
  Gaglia, Marta Maria Role of a conserved viral protein in the reprogramming of host gene expression during Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpes virus infection
  Kaplan, David Implantable, sustained release systems for HIV treatment
  Luo, Xi (Rossi) Integrated analytics to unravel the complex effects of HIV and alcoholism on the brain
  Stopka, Tom Using spatial epidemiology to identify hot spot clusters of HIV and syringe access in Massachusetts
  Barker, David Improving adolescent HIV treatment adherence through the use of peer-led adherence teams
2013 Orango, Elkanah Omenge Outcomes of excisional treatment for cervical neoplasia in HIV infected and HIV uninfected women in Western Kenya
  Norman, Betty Roberta Psychosocial influences on clinical outcomes in HIV infected adolescents in Kumasi, Ghana:  A Pilot Study
  Sedivy, John Effect of HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors on L1 mobilization in human brain
  Skeer, Margie Using qualitative methods to develop a pop culture-based alcohol intervention for sexually at-risk youth
  Mastroleo, Nadine Process examination of a multi-risk brief motivational intervention to reduce HIV risk and alcohol use
  Galarraga, Omar Social Health Insurance for HIV Prevention and Treatment in Kenya
2012 Sagoe, William HIV-1 treatment failure and drug resistance in Ghanaian patients during the first three years of antiretroviral therapy
  Hernandez, Lynn Supporting pre-exposure prophylaxis decisions among serodiscordant MSM couples:  A clinical assessment of bio-behavioral risk
  Marshall, Brandon Complex systems approaches to examine combination HIV prevention programs for drug-using populations
  Volpe, Gretchen Systemic inflammation, intestinal integrity, an immune activation in HIV-infected and uninfected persons
  Chan, Philip Molecular Epidemiology of HIV transmission networks between Rhode Island and Massachusetts
  Omenyo, Cephas State-civil society partnerships for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in Ghana:  Exploring factors associated with success
  Archampong, Timothy Hepatitis B viral resistance to Lamivudine (3TC) therapy in Hepatitis B (HBV) and HIV co-infected Ghanaian Patients
  Aryeetey, Richmond Sustainable food security and nutrition in HIV management in Ghana
  Tripathi, Anubhav A Point of Care Platform for HIV Drug Resistance
2011 Hong, Steven Food insecurity and antiretroviral adherence among HIV-infected patients in Namibia
  Chirchir, Aamon Sexual health risks and HIV prevalence in street involved youth in Western Kenya
  Martin, Rosemarie Contingency Management for Drug Use in HIV+ Adults or Jail Release
  White, Michael Migration, HIV, and Socioeconomic Change in S. Africa
  Huang, Austin Reconstructing HIV-1 Quasispecies Sequences and Mutational Linkage Analysis using Next Generation Sequencing Data
  Whiteley, Laura Internet STI/HIV Prevention Intervention for African American Adolescents
2010 White, Tara Imaging Functional Alcohol Effects in HIV
  Liu, Tao Methods to Optimize Use of Limited Resources for Monitoring Treatment of HIV/AIDS in the Developing World
  Green, Traci Craig Initiation of Heroin Use and injection in a National Sample of Drug Users
  Kuvin, Jeffrey Racial Differences in Vascular Function in HIV
  Akiyoshi, Donna Molecular Epidemiology of the Microsporidium Enterocytozoon bieneusi
  Rana, Aadia Evaluating Factors that Impact Loss to Followup among post partum HIV infected Women in Mississippi
2009 Laws, Barton Physician & Patient Perspectives on Motivational Interviewing to Support ART Adherence
  Nunn, Amy Exploring Patterns of Sexual Concurrency among Urban African Americans
2008 Sitara Swarna Rao Ajjampur Immune Response to cryptosporidial antigens in HIV infected adults in South India
  Baleja, James Development of an HPV E2 Protein Inhibitor for AIDS-Associated Diseases
  Zaller, Nick Pharmacies Helping to Implement AIDS Reduction Measures:  Project PHARM
  Merchant, Roland Confluence of HIV risk behaviors and drug misuse among Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Dept. Patients
  Tshichlis, Philip Tpl2 in GPCR signaling in HIV/AIDS
2007 Xu, Jimmy Nano-needle Array for Massively Parallel Fluorescence in situ Hybridization development of a tool for massive and rapid infectious disease screening
  Mangili, Alexandra Postprandial Endothelial Dysfunction after a High-Fat Meal in HIV-infected Men
  Heldwein, Ekaterina Structural studies of human cytomegalovirus entry into host cells
  Taylor, Lynn Screening for Acute Hepatitis C Virus Among At Risk HIV+ Populations
  Hadley, Wendy HIV Prevention Among Young Adolescents: Targeting Improved Parental Monitoring.
  Kohli, Rakhi Hepatic and Peripheral Muscle Lipid Content in HIV-Infected Persons with Insulin Resistance and Changes in Body Fat Distribution
  Anderson, Brenna Effect of Trichomoniasis Therapy on Genital HIV Viral Burden among African Women
  Bennett, Richard Phenotype Switching in the opportunistic Pathogen Candida Albicans
2006 Mwamburi, Mkaya Understanding the Dynamics of HAART Delivery in Five Clinics in Nairobi:  A Health Services and Outcomes Research Project
  Lescano, Celia Family-Based HIV Prevention for Latino Youth
  Beckwith, Curt Rapid HIV Testing in Jail and Associated HIV Risk-Behavior Change
  Smith, Daniel Religious Organizations, HIV/AIDS, and the Scale-up of Antiretroviral Therapy in Nigeria
  Tate, David Neuroimaging Evidence of Relapsing/Remitting HIV Encephalitis
  Hendricks, Kristy Development and Evaluation of a Food Composition Database for use Between Countries
  Widmer, Giovanni A High Throughput Screen for Enhancers of Cryptosporidium parvum in vitro Growth
  Scott, Tammy Metabolic Syndrome and Cognitive Function in Individuals Infected with HIV
  Wu, Zhijin Assay Design, Data Analysis and Quality Assessment in High Throughput Screening
2005 O'Connor, Roberta Functions of mucin-like glycoproteins in Cryptosporidium
  McMillan, Margaret HIV/AIDS, Health Behavior, and the Income Gradient: Evidence from South Africa
  Kantor, Rami HIV-1 Genotype diversity and drug resistance in western Kenya
  Lurie, Mark Barriers to accessing HIV testing and treatment towards more effective interventions for South African youth
  Marcon, Luisa Defining the T helper immunogenic content of Adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) fiber as a first step towards development of immuno-attenuated adenoviral vectors
  Kwara, Awewura Pharmacokinetics and virologic response to efavirenz-based antiretroviral therapy in HIV/TB co-infected patients receiving rifampin-based TB treatment in sub-Saharan Africa
2004 Coakley, Eoin  HIV drug resistance genotyping, phenotyping and replication capacity analyses of plasma derived HIV in subjects with stable suppression of plasma viremia<50 copies/ml
  Greenberg, Andrew Adipocyte metabolism and HIV infection
  Knox, Tamsin HIV, cytokine, and permeability profiles in HIV-infected intestinal mucosa
  Newstein, Michael Isolation of a Intracellular HIV-1 inhibitor from a monkey genomic episomal library
  Carter, E.Jane AIDS-Affected Household Assessment of Tuberculosis Transmission (AHATT) Study in Eldoret, Kenya
  Lally, Michelle Vaccination Against HIV and HPV: Attitudes and Acceptability Among Young Women and their Parents
  Leav, Brett Development of an In-vitro model of the Human Mucosal Immune Response to Cryptosporidium Parvum
  Tashima, Karen Neurocognitive Function and Neuroimaging Measures in HIV/Hepatitis C Co-infected Patients
2003 Boden, Daniel  HIV-1 RNA interference
  Simmons, Emma  Project Search: Acceptability and feasibility of routine HIV testing in primary care settings
  Goh, Wei Chun  Investigating Function of HIV-1 vpr gene
  Connor, Ruth  Genetically engineered lactobacillus as a microbicide against HIV-1
  Mitty, Jennifer  The development and evaluation of a pilot intervention to provide directly observed therapy (DOT) for HAART to women with children
  Paul, Robert  Functional neuroimaging of brain dysfunction of HIV
2002 Bausserman, Linda  Circulating cell adhesion molecules in HIV infection
2000 Sharma, Surendra HIV infection of B cells: Mechanisms of CD4-independent infection and unintegrated viral DNA
  Baba, Timothy Combinatorial phage-peptide display libraries in AIDS vaccine development
  Ramratnam, Bharat Cellular resistance to HIV-1 therapy
1999 Atwood, Walter HIV-1 chemokine receptor interactions in the central nervous system
  DeGroot, Anne Validation of candidate HIV vaccine T cell epitopes
1998 Campbell, Andrew Functional complementation studies of HIV: development of an in vivo microbial screening system for anti-HIV therapeutics
  Navia, Brad Molecular and cellular studies of HIV neural injury