CFAR Summer Student Internships

Funds are available through the CFAR to support summer stipends for undergraduate students interested in working with CFAR faculty.  Funds will support part-time positions (not to exceed 200 hours for the summer) on the Brown and Boston University campuses or the CFAR affiliated medical institutions (Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, Bradley Hospital, Providence VA, Boston Medical Center) and will include funds for a stipend and associated fringe benefits.  Position requests will be solicited from faculty within the CFAR Cores as well as junior investigators with CFAR developmental awards who are interested in finding summer students ideally suited for assisting with short-term pilot studies.

Interested undergraduate students must forward their resume and a brief description of the type of position they are interested in obtaining to [email protected] no later than February 15th.

CFAR Faculty interested in hiring a CFAR Summer Student intern for the summer must complete a Request for Intern form no later than March 1st.