FY21 Administrative Supplements

PDF icon2021 CFAR Supplement Announcement.pdf

Funding Opportunity:  NIH Administrative Supplements

Concept Proposals Due: March 8, 2021

NIH has released an announcement regarding the availability of FY21 CFAR Administrative Supplements.  The purpose of this supplement opportunity is to support innovative research projects, inter-CFAR meetings, and shared instrumentation that address key gaps in HIV/AIDS and will advance the field.  This opportunity should build research capacity and be consistent with the NIH HIV/AIDS research priorities. Please keep in mind that for this supplemental opportunity the PI/Project directors are restricted to early career investigators who have never received an R-series, R01 equivalent or P, U-series research grant. Established investigators in non-HIV fields who have never received an R01 in HIV/AIDS are also eligible.  Established investigators are eligible to apply for equipment and interCFAR supplements (#9, #10).

This funding opportunity requests proposals within 10 research topics: 

  1. Uptake and retention for long-acting HIV prevention and treatment
  2. Interactions and effects of the microbiome and metabolome on comorbidities and co-infections in people with HIV
  3. Disparities in Treatment and Outcomes in People with HIV with multiple comorbidities and co-infections 
  4. Impact of HIV infection and HIV-associated comorbidities, coinfections and complications on hemophiliacs and the hematopoietic system 
  5. Intersectional Stigma and its Effect on HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care 
  6. Increasing the Integration of Substance Abuse Services and HIV Prevention and Care 
  7. Understanding HIV Reservoir Establishment, Maintenance, Control, and Clearance 
  8. Natural History of Reservoir Establishment in Infants 
  9. Equipment for CFAR Core(s) - only one/CFAR (established investigators eligible to apply)
  10. Inter-CFAR Meeting - should be an established interCFAR working group

The Providence/Boston CFAR is eligible to submit 4 proposals in categories 1-8 so we will be initiating the Concept Proposal mechanism to determine the best proposals to move forward.  Concept proposals are due on or before March 8th  and must include the following:

  • Topic/proposed title
  • Research area to be addressed in proposal (categories 1-10)
  • Brief description of the proposal (abstract) including how supplement will address a scientific gap and/or development of new strategies and degree of innovation in project selection and experimental design
  • Proposed collaborators and collaborating institutions
  • Description of how the proposal is consistent with the NIH HIV/AIDS research priorities
  • Description of how CFAR Core resources will be utilized to accomplish the aims of the study (projects that utilize the CFAR Cores will be prioritized)

In addition to the concept proposal, the PI/Project leader’s biosketch and other support documentation must be forwarded so we can determine eligibility.


  • March 8th   – concept proposals due to [email protected] by 5:00pm EST
  • March 12th  – notification of accepted concept sheets
  • April 12th   – full proposal due to [email protected] by 5:00pm EST
  • April 19th  – proposals due to NIH