Brad Brockmann, JV, MDiv

Brad is a civil rights attorney and the first Executive Director of the Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights. The Center is dedicated to improving the health and human rights of justice-involved populations through education, research and advocacy.  Key to this goal is bringing a public health lens to the nation’s epidemic of incarceration. Today, the Center’s work falls into three core areas: 1) raising awareness at the national and state level about the healthcare issues and challenges of incarcerated and other justice-involved populations; 2) providing education and training opportunities for college, graduate, and medical students and encouraging student engagement and leadership in justice issues; and 3) collaborating with local justice system stakeholders to identify and support projects that respond to the intersection of incarceration, recidivism, and public health in the State of Rhode Island. Brad teaches courses focused on Incarceration and Health at Brown University’s School of Public Health and its Medical School.