Substance Use Research Core

The Substance Use Research Core (SURC) offers services and expertise on the methods needed to conduct effective Substance Use (SU)/HIV research.  Services will be directed at: 1) hypothesis generation, 2) assessment, 3) intervention development, and 4) ethical considerations of SU research.  The SURC offers expertise in innovative methods for assessing and analyzing SU, and developing and implementing interventions to address alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

Services include:  

  • Expertise in developing research projects that address gaps in SU/HIV priority issues both domestically and globally.
  • Advice and training on the most appropriate methods for assessing SU.
  • Advice and training on incorporating effective and up-to-date SU interventions.
  • Guidance on addressing ethical issues with SU research including input on IRB protocols and human subject sections of grant applications and access to group trainings.
  • Identifying appropriate existing datasets for secondary analyses by investigators examining SU and HIV.