The Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics (BCBI) offers courses for students at all levels, from High School to Medical School. For more information contact us at

BIOL 1555 Methods in Biomedical Informatics
This semester-long course provides a methodological survey of approaches used in biomedical informatics. Particular emphasis will be given to formalisms and algorithms used within the context of biomedical research and health care. Practical programming skills will also be taught within these contexts.

BIOL 1565 Survey of Biomedical Informatics
This survey course provides an overview of the field of biomedical informatics covering relevant topics in computer science, healthcare, biology, and social science. This course is designed to be complementary to Methods in Biomedical Informatics (BIOL 1555). Emphasis is given to understanding the organization of biomedical information, the effective management of information using computer technology, and the impact of such technology on biomedical research, education, and patient care. 

PHP 2561 Programming for Health Data Science
This semester-long course teaches students computer programming skills needed for supporting research in public health and biomedicine. 

BIOL 6535 Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Skills for Medical Students
This three-week preclinical elective introduces students to basic data analytic skills needed for supporting research in biomedicine and health care.

BIOL 6683 Introduction to Electronic Health Record
The electronic health record (EHR) has become an essential tool for supporting and evaluating health care delivery. This preclinical elective will provide a glimpse of how EHRs have evolved, how they can impact clinical practice, and views on their future uses. This course will include lectures, interactive discussions, and first-hand accounts from physicians demonstrating how EHRs are used in practice. A major feature of the course will be using a real EHR system for simulating physician/patient interactions.

CEB 10971 Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Skills for Biomedicine and Health Care
This course utilizes lectures and hands-on experiences to introduce students to data science-concepts and the field of biomedical informatics. Modern health care relies on the ability to best interpret available data and transform it into usable information for healthcare providers and biomedical researchers. 

Introduction to Statistics in R

This course will introduce basic statistical skills using R for supporting research in the life sciences and public health. The overall course will be done in the context of student chosen projects, with the goal of establishing necessary foundational statistical techniques for supporting longer-term research goals.