Medical Student Education Leadership

David Anthony, MD, MSc
Director, Medical Student Education
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
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Dr. Anthony trained at the Brown/Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island family medicine residency and completed a NRSA Academic Fellowship at Boston University in 2003, obtaining a Master of Science in Epidemiology at the BU School of Public Health.  He has served as the Clerkship Director since 2008.  He has an interest in electronic resources for education and serves on the editorial board of the fmCASES.  In the clerkship, he lectures on healthcare maintenance and geriatric assessment.

Paul George, MD, MHPE
Associate Director, Medical Student Education
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
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Dr. George graduated from the Brown Family Medicine residency in 2008, after which he joined a health center, while continuing his involvement in academic medicine, teaching in the required six-week clerkship at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. In 2010, he returned to Alpert Medical School full time.  He serves as the director for the Integrated Medical Sciences Curriculum Year II at the Alpert Medical School (AMS) and as the director of curriculum for the Primary Care-Population Health program at AMS. He has an interest in interprofessional education and curriculum assessment. In the clerkship, Dr. George lectures on upper respiratory tract infections and dermatology. 

Jordan C. White, MD, MPH
Assistant Director, Medical Student Education Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
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Dr. White initially came to Brown for the family medicine residency, graduating in 2009. After two years at the University of Massachusetts, where she completed a fellowship in preventive medicine, she returned to Rhode Island to join the Brown faculty. Her fellowship focused on integrating public health and prevention with clinical practice, as well as on developing medical student curriculum. In the residency, she facilitates the intern support group, serves as the self-directed learning coach for second year residents, and precepts in the Family Care Center, including in group prenatal visits. She is the assistant director in the family medicine clerkship for third-year medical students and directs the family medicine sub-internship for fourth-year medical students.

Julie Taylor, MD, MSc
Director, Clinical Curriculum
Associate Professor of Family Medicine
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Dr. Taylor joined the Department of Family Medicine in 2001. She served as the Family Medicine Clerkship Director from 2001-2008 and the Director of Predoctoral Education from 2001-2010. In 2010, she moved from the Department of Family Medicine to Alpert Medical School where she now serves as the Director of Clinical Curriculum. Her clinical practice is on Team B in the Family Care Center and her academic interests are maternal-child health (specifically breastfeeding), dermatology, and medical education. She is the Principal Investigator of a 5-year Title 7 grant from HRSA to teach medical students about caring for underserved patients.

Jane Shaw, MS
Clerkship Coordinator
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Teaching Associate in Family Medicine.  Ms. Shaw has been the full-time Assistant Education Coordinator in the Department of Family Medicine since 2004.  In this capacity, she administers all aspects of the required Family Medicine Clerkship.  She also coordinates all other medical student-related activities in the department including FMIG and Longitudinal Ambulatory Clerkship.  Her main focus is recruiting interested Community Family Medicine Preceptors for the Family Medicine Clerkship.

Amina Hetu
Administrative Assistant
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Other clerkship faculty:

  • Andrea Arena, MD
  • Solmaz Behtash, DO
  • Jeffrey Borkan, MD, PhD
  • Steve Davis, MD
  • Sara Delaporta, MD
  • Edward Feller
  • Roberta Goldman, PhD
  • Mike Klein, MD
  • Ashley Lakin, MD
  • Jeff Manning, MD
  • Dannie Ritchie, MD, MPH
  • Hedy Wald, PhD
  • Kimberly Zeller, MD