Jisu Li, MD PhD

Associate Professor of MedicineJisu LiJisu Li

Phone: 401-444-7387
Fax: 401-444-2939

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests:

My laboratory studies virus-host interactions involved in the lifecycle of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV), and their pathogenesis. Extensive efforts have been made to characterize host proteins mediating duck hepatitis B virus (DHBV) infection. We have identified p170 and p120 from duck liver as binding partners for the full-length and several truncated versions of DHBV large envelope protein, respectively. Molecular cloning revealed p170 and p120 to be carboxypeptidase D and the P protein of glycine decarboxylase, respectively, which together could account for the host and liver specificities of DHBV infection. Using differentiated liver stem cell line HepaRG and hepatoma derived HepG2 cells reconstituted with Na+-taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (NTCP), our current efforts center on the identification of additional host proteins required for efficient HBV infection of hepatocytes.

Selected Publications:

N-linked glycosylation is not essential for sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide to mediate hepatitis B virus infection in vitro. Lee J., Zong L., Krotow A., Qin Y, Jia L., Zhang J., Tong S., Li J.  J. Virol. 2018;92(15):e00732-18.

Unusual features of sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide as a hepatitis B virus receptor.  Li J., Zong L., Sureau C., Barker L., Wands J.R., Tong S. J. Virol. 2016;90(18):8302-8313.

Hepatitis B and D viral receptors. Li J, Wands J. Hepatology 2016;63: 11-13.

Identification of tumor antigen AF20 as glycosylated transferrin receptor 1 in complex with heat shock protein 90 and/or tansporting ATPase. Shapiro JM., Chung W., Barker L., Carlson R., Wand J., Li J.  PLOS ONE. 2016;11(11):e0165227. 

From DCPD to NTCP: the long journey towards identifying a functional hepatitis B virus receptor. Li J., Tong S. Clin Mol Hepatol. 2015;21(3):193-9.