Leticia Dwomor

Why did you choose Brown/WIH Ob/Gyn? 

I chose Brown because I wanted a program that achieves and maintains excellence without sacrificing community, compassion and resident happiness and wellbeing. I felt that this program achieved that on the various opportunities I had to visit and spent time with the team. Also, the institution showed commitment to diversity and inclusion which is important to me. 

What are your interests within OB/GYN?

At this point, everything. I still have so much to learn and experience but for now I will say REI, Urogyn, and OBGYN in a Global Health setting. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island? 

I look forward to experiencing the renowned WaterFire festival. I also enjoy just walking around the various neighborhoods and scouting out restaurants and shops of interests and also admiring all the beautiful houses. 

Where do you live? 

Eastside/College Hill

One fun fact about you

I was a DJ in college. 

One piece of advice for candidates

As stressful as the interview trail may be, try to find the fun and joy in it. Whether its using the opportunity to see old friends in your interviewing cities, or trying out a local dish, try to make the most of the experience when you can. I attended a Folk Music Concert the night after one of my interviews and left with a great and unexpected new addition to my Spotify playlists.