Impact of Gifts

What does the BMAF support?

Scholarship: Fifty-five percent of all BMAF gifts go to BMAF AllocationsBMAF Allocationscurrent-year financial aid for medical students. The BMAF helps the Medical School balance loans with scholarship funding and prevents students from incurring exorbitant levels of debt.

Education: The remainder of the BMAF is used for curriculum development, ensuring that Brown medical students receive an innovative, robust medical education. Funding is focused on two important aspects of the curriculum, Scholarly Concentrations, which allow students  to undertake rigorous independent scholarship, and Doctoring, a medical interviewing and communication skills course where students work alongside a physician-mentor, giving them early exposure to patient care.

 Here's what your gift can do:
  • $10,000 underwrites the expansion of the Doctoring course into Years 3 and 4.
  • $3,500 supports one student’s scholarly concentration summer research project.
  • $2,000 buys one state-of-the-art microscope for the first-year histology course. 
  • $1,000 provides a learning specialist for a student who needs academic support.
  • $750 sends one student to a national conference to present his/her scholarly work.
  • $500 funds one faculty development session for the Doctoring course’s mentors.
  • $250 pays for one wellness session, such as a meditation seminar, offered to all medical students.

Read more about what your gifts can do in the BMAF impact report below.