In Years 1 and 2, students students pursue study for the MD degree alongside coursework for the ScM in Population Medicine. 



Doctoring is a required two-year, four-course program that are pairs medical students with physician-mentors at a community-based practice. For 14 half days per year, students work alongside their mentor--seeing patients, taking medical histories, and practicing the physical exam. During the classroom component of Doctoring, students attend small group sessions with faculty where they learn best practices in professional development and basic clinical skills, such as physical diagnosis and medical interviewing.

Integrated Basic Sciences Curriculum

In years 1 and 2, students complete a basic science curriculum called Integrated Medical Sciences.  Coursework in anatomy, histology, genetics, physiology, pathophysiology, pathology, and pharmacology are seamlessly integrated with each other and with population medicine.

Clinical Skills Clerkship 

The Clinical Skills Clerkship prepares students to transition into Year 3.  The course introduces students to the clerkship experience and reinforces clinical skills  such as performing a physical examination, writing notes and presenting patients.