Master of Science in Medical Sciences

This one-year Master of Science in Medical Sciences (ScM) program, based at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, is for students who are seriously considering a career in medicine or healthcare and want to strengthen their credentials, test themselves on their ability to handle a rigorous scientific curriculum, gain experience in a community healthcare site and/or decide whether medicine is the right fit for them.

This program will give you a rigorous foundation in biomedical science, as well as an opportunity to explore first hand the complexities of today's healthcare system. Coursework includes:

  • Basic biomedical science and organ system courses taken alongside first year medical students at Alpert Medical School
  • Interactive seminar courses that focus on the social science and humanities aspects of health and health care. 
  • Hands-on, practical experience at community healthcare sites and the opportunity to participate in the care of underserved and vulnerable patients.  

"I cannot imagine a better environment to grow as a student, where the professors challenge and support me, and my classmates have become like family. "
- G.R.

Program Features

A key feature of the ScM program is its focused, student-centered environment. Students benefit from:

  • Small class size allowing for individualized attention to students' academic needs, including a built-in basic science group TBL/tutoring system and hands-on human anatomy labs.
  • Career advisers who will help you navigate your personal educational journey and, ultimately, the pathway to your career in the health sciences.


  • Regular interactions with the Program Director through both direct interactive, teaching sessions and mentoring meetings to discuss students' progress. 
  • A dynamic and diverse setting at a world-class, Ivy League university.


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