Surgery Clerkship

The Surgery Clerkship is a 6-week clerkship experience, in which students spend time primarily in an inpatient setting, working with surgery residents and attending physicians, on the surgical management of disease.  Students will round with their assigned surgery team on a daily basis and then spend time in the operating room with both residents and attending physicians.  In addition, students are assigned to an outpatient surgical attending preceptor, in which students will assist in the outpatient management of surgical disease.  Finally, students will spend time in didactics, led by surgery attending and resident physicians as part of the clerkship. 

Assessment Methods Grade Composition
Written Clinical Evaluations 50%
Oral Exam 25%
Shelf Exam 20%
Quizzes 5%
1. Evaluate and manage common surgical problems.
2. Evaluate and manage normal and abnormal surgical recovery.
3. Participate in operative procedures.
4. Describe operating room culture.
5. Demonstrate basic technical skills.
6. Describe general attributes as a career as a surgeon.