Department Initiatives

Our department has a longstanding history of being a leader in diversity recruitment, mentoring, and education. The department's Diversity Committee has been very active in recruiting diverse trainees to our training programs, enhancing education on diversity for trainees and faculty, and developing a programmatic approach to diversity mentoring.

This committee assists in recruiting and supporting trainees and faculty from diverse backgrounds or with diversity-related research interests, and to promote cultural competence in training and research. The committee sponsors core seminars to integrate diversity-related topics in seminars throughout the DPHB, provides training opportunities on diversity-related topics. The committee has also developed two specific initiatives focused on 1) mentoring trainees and 2) providing continuing education opportunities for faculty. The committee launched a diversity mentoring program in 2010 to facilitate networking and career development among trainees and faculty in the DPHB and to offer trainees and faculty opportunities to discuss clinical, research, and professional issues relevant to diversity in a supportive collegial environment. Through informal meetings with mentors, this program offers trainees and junior faculty from diverse backgrounds and/or with interest in working with diverse populations the chance to explore professional and personal issues.

A competitive departmental research award of $10,000 is awarded to a early career faculty member from an under-represented or disadvantaged background, and the Diversity Committee has a formal initiative to match talented minority investigators with funded researchers to facilitate the submission of Diversity Supplements to NIH. Recently, one of our research residents was awarded the research funding award.

The Diversity Committee also launched a Faculty Cultural Competence Initiative to ensure that our faculty receive additional opportunities to enhance their cultural competence with respect to teaching, supervision, and research responsibilities. In 2004 and 2012, the Diversity Committee was awarded funding from the American Psychological Association Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention, and Training to support ongoing development of multicultural competence among DPHB faculty via continuing education programs. Presentations are given to highlight discussions of race, ethnicity and differences in cultural identities in teaching, supervision, clinical work and research. This program has partnered with us to enhance diversity in our residency training program and the Research Training Program (RTP).
















Summer Fellowship for Medical Students from Underrepresented Groups

In the last two years (2018, 2019) we have offered a summer fellowship for two medical students from underrepresented groups. This program provides an excellent opportunity for medical students from diverse backgrounds to experience psychiatry and research training in medical school to increase interest, training and opportunities in research. The long-term goal is to expand the diversity of the National Institute of Mental Health research workforce. For more information about upcoming summer research opportunities for medical students, please contact Dr. Audrey Tyrka at [email protected].