Graduate Programs

The Graduate Program in Pathobiology

The MMI department is one of the major stakeholders in the Graduate Program in Pathobiology. While some MMI faculty hold appointments in other graduate programs, all are active trainers in the Pathobiology Program. The Graduate program in Pathobiology trains individuals to become clinically aware basic scientists and provides the academic framework to develop the intellectual skills needed to succeed in virtually any scientific discipline. The program and its faculty integrate the practice of basic biology and medical science to understand the mechanisms of human disease initiation, progression and resolution.
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Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry Graduate Program

The Brown University Graduate Program in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry (MCB) was organized in 1976 to bring together faculty who recognized the emergence of common conceptual and experimental aspects of investigation in biochemistry, genetics, virology, immunology, pathology, and cellular, developmental and molecular biology. It is truly an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental Program. Our Program offers students of superior ability and motivation excellent preparation for a career that includes research in biology and medical sciences. The Program is designed to provide the student with a firm background in research encompassing biochemistry and cellular, developmental and molecular biology.
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Initiative to Maximize Student Development (IMSD)

 The IMSD program at Brown titled "Advancing the culture of PhD learning and scholarship in Biology and Health Sciences" provides research training support for students in underrepresented groups to significantly increase the participation of these groups within the fields of biomedical and behavioral research. This ongoing program will enhance partnerships with Minority-Serving Institutions to encourage and increase opportunities for minority students in biology and public health graduate training fields and promote graduate student development across the Brown campus.
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Division of Surgical Research at RIH

 Trauma and inflammation are the primary areas of basic science research in the Division of Surgical Research within the Department of Surgery at Rhode Island Hospital and the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. This research is supported by funds from Rhode Island Hospital and grants from the National Institutes of Health, Brown University, Women & Infants Hospital, Shock Society and other institutions. 
The mission of the Division of Surgical Research is to enhance patient care through the advancement of biomedical knowledge and to employ cutting-edge technologies in the pursuit of new therapeutic breakthroughs.  Research in the Division spans a variety of disciplines and encompasses basic, clinical, and translational research.
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