Financial Matters

In support of scholarship: Generous donors provide scholarship support for medical students.In support of scholarship: Generous donors provide scholarship support for medical students.

While the primary responsibility for paying for the College and the Medical School rests with the student and his or her family, Brown University makes every effort to assist students with documented financial need, regardless of academic performance or class rank. Substantial need-based scholarship and loan funds are available from a number of sources.

  • During the undergraduate years of the PLME, the University's Financial Aid Office can provide help and support in seeking financial assistance.
  • Alpert Medical School has its own Financial Aid Office that coordinates financial assistance during the medical school years.

Institutional Funding and Loan Programs

Once a student's financial need during medical school is determined, Alpert Medical School's Office of Financial Aid constructs a combination or "package" of financial aid resources. The sources of aid are based upon program eligibility criteria, availability of funds, and level of financial need. The financial need of students who qualify for institutional funding is covered first with a combination of loans, then with scholarship funds if there is remaining need. Students who do not qualify for institutional funding may borrow from several loan programs.  The most common programs are the Federal Stafford Loan (FSL) and the Graduate PLUS Loan. Together, these loan programs can cover the full cost of one's medical education.

Outside Awards

Students are strongly encouraged to seek scholarships, awards, and loans from private sources, including county medical societies, private foundations, unions, and fraternal or professional organizations. Recipients of private loans and/or scholarships are obligated to notify the Financial Aid Office of any such awards. Outside funding generally reduces student loans rather than Brown scholarships.

Financial Aid for MD/PhD Students

During Years I and II of the MD program, MD/PhD students are eligible for financial aid on the same terms as other medical students. Full support is provided for up to five years of graduate studies. MD/PhD students who complete all experimental work needed for the thesis prior to re-entry into the third year of the Medical School receive a full tuition scholarship in the third year, and students who successfully defend their thesis prior to entry into the fourth year receive a full tuition scholarship for the final year of medical school.

International Students

Students who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent U.S. residents are eligible for limited institutional funding — typically a combination of institutional loans and scholarships. International PLME students should be aware that if they are admitted to the College without financial aid, they generally are not eligible for aid during the medical school years outside of exceptional circumstances.