Applying Out to Other Schools

Effective for students applying to the PLME Class of 2015 and future PLME classes.

PLME students have the option to apply to other medical schools.  In doing so, they will be withdrawn from the position being held for them in the Alpert Medical School (AMS).  However, they will have the option of applying to AMS via the standard (AMCAS) route, in which case their application will be considered alongside other standard route applicants.  Individuals are asked to notify the PLME Office of their intent to “apply out” by September 15 of their senior year, or by September 15 of each year they are on deferral.  Students should know that the Office of the Associate Dean of the College for Health and Law Careers will provide the PLME with the names of PLME students applying to other medical schools at the start of each academic year.

Like all other prospective applicants, PLME Students planning to apply to other medical schools must attend one of the group information sessions offered in the Fall Term by the Associate Dean of the College for Health and Law Careers.