SNCC Symposium 2010
The SNCC Symposium took place at Brown University on April 22 and 23 with the theme 'Come let us build a new world together.' Below are videos of the events - select an entry from the list to view, or scroll down the page to see all of them.:

Remembering SNCC

Features SNCC veterans who reflect on and analyze their experience as it affected them and the communities in which they organized, bringing to the fore the lessons relevant for today.

Discussants: Robert Moses, Judy Richardson, Charles Sherrod, Ekwueme Michael Thelwell, Maria Varela, Jean Young.
Moderators: Charles E. Cobb Jr., Brown University; Corey D.B. Walker, Brown University.

The Black Organizing Tradition

Explores grassroots community organizing, a very old tradition in black America, which may have been more important than protests or charismatic leaders in defining SNCC and the southern movement.

Discussants: Dorie Ann Ladner, Muriel Tillinghast, Hollis Watkins, Jean Young.
Moderator: Geri Augusto, Brown University

Black politics: Independence or Integration?

Explores whether or not there is a significant black politics, SNCC’s role in cultivating a new politics, and the role of black elected officials and the black community.

Discussants: Ivanhoe Donaldson, Lawrence Guyot, Bob Mants, William Strickland.
Moderator: Greg Carr, Howard University.

Teaching the Freedom Movement in a Divided America

Explores the dynamics of teaching movement history at all educational levels and outside of educational institutions.

Discussants: Vincent Harding, Robert Moses, Judy Richardson, Maria Varela.
Moderator: Albert Mosley, Smith College.

SNCC in American History and Memory

Explores past and recent scholarship on the history and meaning of SNCC and its contributions to American public life.

Discussants: Emilye Crosby, SUNY–Geneseo; Claudrena Harold, University of Virginia; Wesley Hogan, Virginia State University; Hasan K. Jeffries, Ohio State University.
Moderator: Françoise N. Hamlin, Brown University.