The Brown Design Workshop

Brown students, check out our new external website, which houses our detailied policies and resources. The BDW is open with full monitor hours & workshops for the Fall '18 semester.

The creation of the Design Workshop in Prince Lab is a key to the overall re-envisioning of engineering, which aims to make the disciplines of creation and design within the School of Engineering more collaborative, open, flexible and accessible to all parts of campus.

With new technologies the opportunities have never been greater, nor more accessible for a wide range of students. These developments provide a unique opportunity to unite classroom and experiential learning.

We have trained Monitors on duty 10 hours a day and can be identified by their aprons. 

The only requirement for being in the space is wearing an ID—which can be created with a free 2-minute process that can happen any time there is a monitor on-duty. Small, simple tools are open to use for anyone with an ID, and you can ask Monitors to assist you with more complex tools. To use a complex tool autonomously, please attend a workshop (which are listed in our calendar). 

We have bandsaws, a chop saw, track saw, scroll saw, consumer-grade 3D Printers (Makerbot & Makergear), metal shears, mixed hand tools, laser cutter, soldering irons, multimeters, and more. No registration or booking is required for tool use but if you have a long-term or very large project we recommend emailing us: [email protected]

Help us foster the development of an innovative community of thinkers, makers, and doers and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem for rapid prototyping of new ideas. Join the Brown Design Workshop today! See Get Involved for more information.

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We are located in Prince Lab at the intersection of Brook St. and Manning Walk.