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The departments comprising the Division of Finance and Administration strive to provide efficient and effective administrative, facilities management, human resource and financial services to Brown's students, faculty and staff.

The Executive Vice President provides the overall leadership and strategic direction to the departments within the Division. Reporting to the EVP are the Vice President for Human Resources, the Assistant Vice President and University Controller, the Assistant Vice President of Financial & Administrative Services, the Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning, the Vice President for Facilities Management, the Chief University Auditor, Director of Environmental Health and Safety and the Vice President and Chief Investment Officer. We seek to support the mission of the University by working in a collaborative and inclusive manner. Information about the departments in the Division can be accessed via the links provided. 

For information on 2013 Summer Hours/Winter Break please visit the Human Resources website.

Key Contacts:


Executive Vice President/CFO

Elizabeth C. Huidekoper
(401) 863-9400
Executive Assistant
Kathleen Furtado
(401) 863-9400

Vice President for Human Resources

Karen L. Davis
(401) 863-6050
Administrative Office Assistant
Brittany Kosiba
(401) 863-3268

Assistant Vice President and University Controller

Donald S. Schanck
(401) 863-1780
Administrative Coordinator
Courtney Wuethrich
(401) 863-9481

Assistant Vice President of Financial & Administrative Services

Elizabeth L. Gentry
(401) 863-1762
Financial & Administrative Coordinator
Tina Botelho
(401) 863-2699

Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning

Susan B. Howitt
(401) 863-2786
Administrative Assistant
Chandra Alassah
(401) 863-2786

Vice President for Facilities Management

Stephen M. Maiorisi
(401) 863-1297
Assistant to the Vice President
Paula Penelton
(401) 863-7809

Chief University Auditor

Utibe E. Offiong
(401) 863-1593
Office of Internal Audit Services
(401) 863-3612

Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Joseph L. Dowling III
(401) 867-3980
Executive Assistant
Barbara F. Paroline
(401) 867-3980

Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Stephen Morin
(401) 863-1933

Department Manager

Olga Brooks-Ruiz

(401) 863-3353