Brown University's Language Resource Center
What's New at the LRC?

Where's my Antidote?

As part of the Language Resource Center's move to Computing and Information Services (CIS), many of the resources formerly found only at the LRC have now been either centralized -- the LRC's media collection has been moved to the Library -- or distributed more widely through the work of CIS.

Antidote (French spelling and grammar checking) and ComicLife (comic book creation software), as well as proofing tools and keyboard inputs for languages taught at Brown are now available on all CIS public cluster workstations.

Antidote and ComicLife are "keyed" applications -- we have a limited number of seat licenses for both. Invoking each application consumes one license. Closing the application restores that license to the available pool.

  • If you are attempting to use Antidote or ComicLife to complete an assignment, and the keyserver informs you that all licenses are in use, please try again later.
  • When you have finished using Antidote or ComicLife on a public cluster workstation, please close those applications promptly. Leaving them open and idle will prevent other students from using them.
New spaces, new mission

The Language Resource Center has, over the course of Fall semester, become the Educational Technology Center. The majority of former LRC assets are either available through the Library, or in the case of language-specific software, delivered on public cluster workstations.

The Educational Technology Center (ETC) is a locus for experimentation in teaching and learning with technology, both in the classroom and outside it. It provides innovative spaces for instructional practice, materials development, and learning opportunities for faculty and graduate student instructors. It has its own staff members, and includes support from the Multimedia Labs and the Academic Technologies group.

The ETC's physical space is comprised of the three main areas in the former LRC.

We invite your input on the changes -

The Teaching Lab Classroom
CIT 210 - New viewing area
The Development Studio
CIT 210 - New viewing area

The Videoconference Seminar Classroom

CIT 210 - New viewing area

Placement Exams - Fall 2010

Placement exams in French and Spanish will be given in CIT201, from Monday August 30 through Friday September 3rd, 9am to 4pm. No reservations are necessary. No exams will be started after 4:00pm.

Placement exams in languages other than French and Spanish will be coordinated by the relevant departments.