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Posted 11/15/95:
"Agent-neutrality, consequentialism, utilitarianism. . .: a terminological note" Utilitas 7 (1995) pp. 49-54, by John Skorupski (St. Andrews)
Reviewed by John Broome (University of Bristol) (

Posted 9/19/95:
"The Rational, The Reasonable, and Justification" The Journal of Political Philosophy3:3, (September 1995): 234-258, by Gerald Gaus (University of Minnesota)
Reviewed by Lewis Yelin (Brown University) (

Posted on 9/18/95:
"Comments on Van Roojen"
A Reply to Mark Van Roojen
Frank Jackson (Australian National University)( and Philip Pettit (Australian National University) (

Posted on 9/8/95:
"Can There Be a Right to Secede?" Philosophy70:273 (July, 1995): 341-362, by R.E. Ewin (University of Western Australia)
Reviewed by Avery Kolers (University of Arizona) (

Posted on 8/14/95:
"Prudence and Morality in Ancient and Modern Ethics" ETHICSVol. 102 No. 2, (January 1995): 241-257, by Julia Annas (University of Arizona)
Reviewed by Bryan W. Van Norden
(Vassar College) (

Posted on 6/1/95:
"Standing For Something" Journal of Philosophy92:5 (May 1995): pp. 235-260, by Cheshire Calhoun (Colby College)
Reviewed by Paul Weithman (University of Notre Dame)

Posted on 5/7/95:
"Liberal Civic Education and Religious Fundamentalism: The Case of God v. John Rawls?" ETHICSVolume 105 No. 3, (April 1995): 468-496, by Stephen Macedo (Syracuse University)
Reviewed by Brian W. Van Norden (Vassar College) (

Posted on 3/10/95:
"Infinite Utility and TemporalNeutrality" Utilitas 6:2, November, 1994: p. 193, by Peter Vallentyne, (Virginia Commonweath University)
Reviewed by Cliff Landesman (CLANDESM@PANIX.COM)

Posted on 3/8/95:
"Moral Functionalism And Moral Motivation," The Philosophical QuarterlyVol 45 (January 1995): pp. 20 - 39, by Frank Jackson and Philip Pettit (The Australian National University,Canberra)
Reviewed by Mark van Roojen (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) (MSV@UNLINFO.UNL.EDU)

Posted on 3/1/95:
"Persons, Perspectives, and Full Information Accounts of the Good," Ethics105 (January 1995): 296-325, by Connie S. Rosati (Northwestern University)
Reviewed by Kurt Norlin (UC Irvine) (KNORLIN@AOL.COM)

"Distributive Justice and the Complex Structure of Ownership" Philosophy and Public Affairs 23 (1994): 225-50, by John Christman (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)
Reviewed by Paul Weithman (University of Notre Dame) (Paul.J.Weithman.1@ND.EDU)