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Volume 1, 1995
Volume 2, 1996
Volume 3, 1997
Volume 4, 1998
Volume 5, 1999
Volume 6, 2000

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Posted 7/7/97:
"Sidgwick's False Friends" Ethics, Vol. 107, No. 2 (1997) 314-320. by Robert Shaver (University of Manitoba),
Reviewed by David Sobel (Bowling Green State University)

Posted 5/13/97:
REPLY TO CRITICS, by Alfred Mele (Davidson College).

Posted 4/9/97:
REPLY TO CRITICS, by Ronald Dworkin (Oxford and New York University).

Posted beginning 3/24/97:
SYMPOSIUM on "Internalist Moral Cognitivism and Listlessness" Ethics, vol. 106 nubmer 4, July 1997, pp. 727-753, by Alfred Mele (Davidson College).
Commentators: Lee Overton, Michael Smith.