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University Policy on Faculty Retirement

Faculty Rules and Regulations (Version 8.0, July 2010)

  • page 9 - Section I A 1 for Voting Rights for Emeriti elected to faculty committees or holding a teaching assignment, or who were voting members of the Faculty in 1973-74 
  • page 25 - Section III H for Committee on Faculty Retirement

Handbook of Academic Administration

  • sections 18.3-18.4 on retirement, emeritux status, computer policy for retired faculty, and participation in departmental affairs after retirement

Human Resources

RIPTA bus FREE with Brown ID (U-PASS)

Emeriti Parking

  • Free passes for selected parking lots are available to Emeriti upon request and must be renewed annually in June. Lots 2 and 9 had been available, but construction at the Athletic Center has made Lot 2 off-limits. Three "visitor" spaces in Lot 9 and 2 "Emeriti" space in lot 42 now comprise the only spots permitted with the Emeriti pass.. Those with handicap parking tags can park in any handicap spot; these are marked on the map.

Faculty Club Membership

  • Emeriti received free membership in the Faculty Club. Activate the membership by speaking with the Club's Office Administrator, Shelley Estep, who will check that you are on the list provided by the Dean of the Faculty.