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The NEASC Accreditation project was overseen by Executive Sponsors and a Steering Committee which designated subcommittees to address each of the standards. Logistical support was provided by the Project Team.

Executive Sponsors
President Ruth Simmons
Provost David Kertzer

Project Team
Brenda Allen
Tracy Barnes
Elizabeth Love
Margot Saurette
Shelley Stephenson

Steering Committee
Katherine Bergeron
Sheila Bonde

Ashwin Cadambi
Russell Carey
Nitin Jadhav
Huajian Gao
Susan Howitt
Kathleen McSharry
Guy Sanchez
William Simmons
Richard Spies
Kathryn Spoehr
William Twaddell
Rajiv Vohra

Standard Chair Members
Mission Brenda Allen Steering Committee
Planning and Evaluation Richard Spies

Support Staff: Brendan McNally

Committee Members: Vince Tompkins, Tracy Barnes, Peter Scharf, James Morone, Dietrich Neumann, Kevin McDonald ‘08

Organization and Governance Albert Dahlberg and John Savage

Support Staff : Catherine Pincince

Committee Members: Nancy Armstrong, Ruth Colwill, Marisa Quinn, Richard Fishman, UCS Student

Academic Program

The Undergraduate Program is Brown's Area of Emphasis

Katheron Bergeron and Sheila Bonde

Support Staff: Kathleen McSharry

Taskforce on Undergraduate Education

Working Group on Graduate Education

Support Staff : Chad Galts

Committee Members: David Lindstrom, Graduate Council

Faculty Rajiv Vohra

Support Staff : Carolyn Dean, Elizabeth Doherty, Clyde Briant, Regina White, Brenda Allen

Committee Members: Joan Richards, Chi-Ming Hai, Robert Pelcovits

Students Russell Carey

Support Staff : Marylou McMillan

Committee Members: Mike Pesta, Jim Miller, Jim Tilton, Ricky Gresh, Beth Bauer, Corey Walker, Ellie Cutler, Jane Zhang

Library and Other Information Resources Harriett Hemmasi and Terri-Lynn Thayer

Support Staff : Dan O'Mahony, Pat Putney, Mark Shelton, and Steven E. Thompson

Committee Members: Tom Dean , Virginia Krause, Ross Cheit, David Elles '08, Erin Adam '10

Physical and Technological Resources Steve Maiorisi

Support Staff : Paula Penelton

Committee Members: Mike McCormick, Carlos Fernandez, Pam O'Neil, Timothy Wells, John Wilson

Financial Resources Susan Howitt

Committee Members: Ron Margolin, Cynthia Frost, Donald Stewart, Neil Vangala, Faculty Member TBD

Public Disclosure Marisa Quinn

Support Staff: Scott Turner, Anne Diffily

Committee Members: Scott Turner, Anne Diffily, Stephen Foley, Diane Hoffman-Kim, Rachel Venn, Hans Sprecher.

Integrity Beverly Ledbetter

Support Staff: Jan Wright

Committee Members: Dian Kriz, Eric Suuberg,