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Sorin Istrail

Julie Nguyen Brown Professor of Computational and Mathematical Sciences, and

Professor of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science
Brown University
115 Waterman Street Box 1910
Providence, RI 02912
(401) 863-6196

*****Fall 2014 new graduate course "Advanced Algorithms in Computational Biology" CSCI2951-N

Director, Center of Computational Biology, Brown University (2006-2011)

Senior Director and Head of Information Research, Celera Genomics (2000-2005)

Principal Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Project Leader, Computational Biology Project, Sandia Labs (1992-2000)

Mission to Venus: Building at Brown the "John von Neumann Institute for Advanced Study"

  • 2010 Symposium: The John von Neumann Days at Brown University
  • 2015 Symposium: Brown 250th Annyversary: The Next 250 Years

International Director, "Grigore Moisil Institute for Computer Science and Applications"

University "Al. I. Cuza" Iasi, Romania

  • Sorin was a member of the University "Al. I. Cuza", Iasi, Romania Committee awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Professor John Conway, the John von Neumann Professor, Emeritus, at Princeton Official pictures album of the John Conway Days at Univesity of Iasi, Romania to be posted soon.
  • Sorin was a member of the University "Al. I. Cuza", Iasi, Romania Committee awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Professor Kenneth Arrow, Nobel Laureate and the John Kenney Professor of Operations Research, Emeritus at Stanford University. Professor's Arrow's parents were born in Romania. Official pictures album of the Kenneth Arrow Days at Univesity of Iasi, Romania can be viewed here.

Recent NSF grants received

  • Sorin received NSF grant (PI) - Genome-Wide Algorithms for Haplotype Reconstruction and Beyond: A Combined Haplotype Assembly and Identical-by-Descent Tracts Approach
  • Sorin received NSF grant (Co-PI) - IGERT: Reverse Ecology: Computational Integration of Genomes, Organisms, and Environments
  • Sorin received NSF grant (PI) - EAGER: Haplotype Phasing Algorithms and Clark Consistency Graphs
  • Sorin received NSF grant "Sweat-Box" Sessions: Boot Camp at Brown University: Training in the art of asking tough scientific questions"

Recent Essays

  • Sorin's Essay "Ode to Computational Biology: A letter in support of Awarding the National Medal of Science to Professor Michael Waterman (2012)"
  • Sorin's Essay "Professor Solomon Marcus’ Axioms", appeared in "Meetings with Marcus: 85th Birthday Celebration of Professor Solomon Marcus, Editura Academiei Romane (2011)"
  • Sorin's Essay Storytelling about Lighthouses: When Professor Dijkstra Slapped Me in the Quest for Beautiful Code , Conduit, Brown Univesirty Department of Computer Science Alumni Magazine, Vol 19.1, 2010
  • Sorin's Essay Storytelling About Lighthouses: Criticizing Professor Dijkstra Considered Harmless Conduit, Brown Univesirty Department of Computer Science Alumni Magazine, Vol 17.2, 2008
  • Sorin's Essay Randomness is Beautiful: in Search of von Neumann Conduit, Brown Univesirty Department of Computer Science Alumni Magazine, Vol. 15.1, 2006
  • Sorin's Honor Roll Students

  • Derek Aguiar, his second PhD student at Brown, graduated in May 2014 and is now Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University
  • Ryan Tarpine, his first PhD student at Brown, now researcher at Google Research
  • Austin Huang, Postdoctoral Fellow, now at Pfizer Research
  • Alper Uzun, Postodoctoral Fellow,co-advised with Jim Padbury, Brown Medical School, now Assistant Professor at Brown Medical School
  • Fumei Lam, Postdoctoral Fellow, now she is at IDA, Princeton University
  • Ning Hou, endowed and named UTRA award, the “Randy Pausch Computer UTRA” 2013 recepient, Honor Thesis and now she is a MS student in Computer Science at Brown
  • Nick Goelz, UTRA recepient 2014
  • Doug McErlean, top Honor Thesis in the CS Department 2013, Magna Cum Laude, CRA Honorable Mention and now a Software Engineer at Google Research
  • K. Lauria, Honor Thesis and now at D. E. Shaw Research
  • Jake Franco, Honor Thesis, now at New York Medical School
  • Tim Johnstone, Leader of Cyrene Project Biology, Honor Theis, Biology Prize, now at Yale University
  • James Weis, Honor Thesis, now at MIT
  • James Hart, Leader of the Cyrene Project Biology, now at U.C. Berkeley
  • Kyle Schutter, Leader of the Cyrene Project Biology, Honor Thesis, Thesis Award, now business entrepreneur in Kenya
  • William Allen, TA and Cyrene Project member, Marshall Fellowship, now at Stanford University
  • Allan Stewart, endowed and named UTRA, the George I. Alden Trust UTRA Award, Honor Thesis, now at Facebook
  • David Moskowitz endowed and named UTRA Award, Cyrene Project member, now at Stanford University
  • Lian Garton, his first student at Brown; she received the Honor Thesis SC Lamport Award, now at Amazon
  • The Istrail Lab currently has openings for a postdoctoral researcher, graduate students, as well as undergraduate internships for both computer science and life science students. Interested parties should contact Sorin Istrail at 401-863-6196 or sorin@cs.brown.edu.