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  • A.F. Bower and P.R. Guduru  “A simple finite element model of diffusion, finite deformation, plasticity and fracture in lithium ion insertion electrode materials,” Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, (in press) 2012.
  • Swapnil Dalavi, Mengqing Xu, Brandon Knight and Brett L. Lucht. Effect of added LiBOB on High Voltage(LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4) Spinel Cathodes, Electrochem. Solid State Lett., 15, A28-A31, 2012.
  • Liu Zhou and Brett L. Lucht. Performance of Lithium Tetrafluorooxalatophosphate (LiFOP) Electrolyte with Propylene Carbonate, J. Power Sources, 205, 439-448, 2012.
  • Dinesh Chalasani, Jing Li, Nicole M. Jackson, Martin Payne and Brett L Lucht. Methylene Ethylene Carbonate:  Novel Additive to Improve the High Temperature Performance of Lithium Ion Batteries, J. Power Sources 208, 67-73, 2012.
  • Swapnil Dalavi, Pradeep Guduru and Brett L. Lucht, Performance enhancing electrolyte additives for lithium ion batteries with silicon anodes, J. Electrochem. Soc  159, A642-646, 2012.
  • R. Grantab and V. B. Shenoy, Pressure-Gradient Dependent Diffusion and Crack Propagation in Lithiated Silicon Nanowires, Journal of the Electrochemical Society (In Press), 2012.
  • M. E. Stournara , P.R. Guduru and V. B. Shenoy, Elastic behavior of crystalline Li-Sn phases with increasing Li concentration, Journal of Power Sources (In Press), 2012.
  • P.Johari , Y.Qi and V. B. Shenoy. The mixing mechanism during lithiation of Si negative electrode in Li-ion batteries: An ab-initio molecular dynamics study, Nano Letters 11: 5494-5500, 2011.
  • Li Yang, Tippawan Markmaitree, and Brett L. Lucht. Inorganic Additives for Passivation of High Voltage Cathode Materials, J. Power Sources  196, 2251-2254, 2011.
  • Liu Zhou, Swapnil Dalavi, Mengqing Xu, and Brett L. Lucht. Effects of Different Electrode Materials on the Performance of Lithium Tetrafluorooxalatophosphate (LiFOP) Electrolyte, J. Power Sources  196, 8073-8084, 2011.
  • Mengqing Xu, Liu Zhou, Dinesh Chalasani, Swapnil Dalavi, and Brett L. Lucht, Investigation of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase on MCMB and NG Electrodes in Lithium Tetrafluorooxalatophosphate [LiPF4C2O4] Based Electrolyte J. Electrochem. Soc. 158, A1202-A1206, 2011.
  • Liu Zhou, Wentao Li, Mengqing Xu, Brett Lucht. Investigation of the Disproportionation Reactions and Equilibrium of Lithium difluoro(oxalato) borate (LiDFOB) Electrochem. Solid State Lett. 14, A161-A164, 2011.
  • Grantab and V. B. Shenoy.Location- and Orientation-Dependent Progressive Crack Propagation in Cylindrical Graphite Electrode Particles. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 158: A948-A954, 2011.
  • S-P. Kim , A.C.T. van Duin and V.B. Shenoy.Effect of electrolytes on the structure and evolution of the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) in Li-ion batteries: a Molecular Dynamics study. Journal of Power Sources 196: 8590–8597, 2011.
  • M. E. Stournara and V.B. Shenoy.Enhanced Li capacity at high lithiation potentials in graphene oxide. Journal of Power Sources 196: 2011
  • V.B. Shenoy, P. Johari and Y. Qi. Elastic softening of amorphous and crystalline Li-Si Phases with increasing Li concentration: A first-principles study. Journal of Power Sources 195: 6825-6830, 2010.