Contacts (People, Office Hours, Dean Certifications)


George Vassilev 

Assistant Dean of the College, Director, Pre-Professional Advising

(Dean Vassilev will not hold office hours for law careers students and alumni in March, April and May 2014)





Linda Dunleavy

Associate Dean of the College for Fellowships






Ann Gaylin

Associate Dean of the College for First-Year & Sophomore Studies






Janice Rego 

Interim Dean Certifications Coordinator



Office Hours- Spring 2014

(NOTE: Spring semester office hours  start on January 23rd and continue until May 12.)

Tuesday Linda Dunleavy 4pm-6pm Fitness Center
Tuesday Ann Gaylin 1pm-4pm University Hall 206

Dean Certifications

Many law schools require that applicants provide a Dean's Certification of their undergraduate or graduate standing (academic standing, academic code disciplinary code standing).  

When you receive a Dean Certification request form, complete only your portion and send the form to Janice Rego with a stamped, pre-addressed envelope. Use one of the mailing methods below. If you received a Dean Certification request electronically you may E-mail it to Janice Rego instead of mailing it. Please provide your email address and phone number. 

If you believe you were subject of any institutional action during your studies at Brown, provide a description of the instance as you contact Janice Rego. Please allow between 10 days and 2 weeks for the processing and mailing of the completed forms.

Mailing Address: For FedEx/UPS/DHL deliveries:

Law Careers Advising
Attention: Janice Rego                                   
Brown University                                            
Box 1828 University Hall 213
Providence, RI 02912

Law Careers Advising
Attention: Janice Rego
Brown University
1 Prospect Street
Providence, RI 02912