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The Brown Engineering Curriculum - the Big Picture

Our society needs engineers who can lead in an increasingly competitive, fully-integrated, world economy.  Engineering today needs to be understood, not as merely providing workers with valuable technical training, but as the discipline that brings a deep understanding of physical principles, material behavior, mathematical modeling, and engineering practices to the solution of current problems that challenge our society.  Moreover, these contributions must be made with full involvement in the economic, environmental, political, and ethical implications.  Preparing engineers for such difference-making careers is Brown's challenge and its responsibility.  These goals are made possible only by the high potential of students who choose to study here and by our highly committed faculty. 

Innovation in science and technology has been the dominant source of growth in the U.S. economy for decades, transforming scientific know-how into new products and processes with tremendous societal impact. Today's radically new and emerging technologies have the potential to create entirely new industries and to render established ones obsolete.  Brown's Engineering Curriculum is guided by a forward-thinking philosophy that we believe prepares students to meet current and future challenges.  

Engineering is the profession for people who want to:

  • make a big difference;
  • create something that improves people's lives;
  • develop solutions to problems that impact our well-being;
  • shape policies that address such major problem areas as energy, environment, health, transportation, communication, and utilization of natural resources.