Brown University School of Engineering

Bachelor of Arts

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) degree with a concentration in Engineering must complete at least eight approved Engineering courses. The eight courses must include Engineering 0030 and at least two 1000-level Engineering courses. Of these 1000-level courses, one must be a design or independent study course and the other an in-classroom experience. The set  of Engineering courses must be chosen so that the student specializes in  one particular engineering discipline, with careful attention to the pre-requisites of the 1000-level courses.  Please note that not all engineering courses can be used to satisfy the engineering course requirement for the AB degree. For example, ENGN 0020, 0090, 0900, 0930, and 1010 cannot be used to satisfy the engineering course requirement for the A.B. degree. For this reason, it is essential that the set of courses be developed through consultation with the concentration advisor. 

The program must also require preparation in  Mathematics equivalent to Mathematics 0200 and Applied Mathematics 0330, as well as at least one college-level science course from the general areas of chemistry, life sciences, physics, or geological sciences.  Remedial courses, such as Chemistry 0100, cannot be used to satisfy this requirement. A programming course is also recommended but not required. 

The entire program is subject to approval by the Engineering concentration advisor and the Engineering Concentration Chair.

Bachelor of Arts in Engineering with a focus in Environmental Studies

This program is offered in cooperation with the Environmental Studies Program and is intended for students who want to prepare for positions and/or graduate programs in environmental policy, planning, and regulation. The first year should be generally similar to that of the Sc.B. in Engineering and preferably include ENVS 0110, Environmental Issues, which is the prerequisite for the other Environmental Studies courses. It is suggested that students interested  in this option begin with careful planning of the curriculum in consultation with a Freshman Engineering advisor when they arrive for their first semester. 

Toward the end of the freshman year, the student should design the Engineering portion of the program so that it complies with the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) degree as described above. Recommendations for the two 1000-level engineering courses are ENGN 1130 and 1340. The program should be developed in consultation with an Engineering faculty advisor, and is subject to review by the Engineering Concentration Committee. 

In addition to ENVS 0110, a minimum of three other courses should be selected from Environmental Studies courses, Biology and Medicine 0420, Geological Sciences 0220, and Applied Mathematics 1650, 1660. The Environmental Studies portion of the program should be prepared with the help of an Environmental Studies Faculty Advisor. 

Students who have strong environmental interests, but who wish to pursue a regular Sc.B. concentration in Engineering (e.g. Civil or Chemical and Biochemical Engineering), are encouraged to take relevant environmental courses as electives. In particular, attention is called to Environmental Studies 0110, 0410, 0510, 1350 (or Economics  1350), 1410, 1920, BIOL 0420, 1490 (or Applied Mathematics 1070), and Geological Sciences 0580, 1580, 1710. 

Concentration Advisor

For the A.B. and five-year A.B./Sc.B. program, please see the Sc.B. Concentration Advisor whose engineering discipline most closely matches your interests.

For more information, please see the program guide.