Brown University School of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

The curriculum in Mechanical Engineering is intended to provide students with a strong foundation in a broad range of engineering sciences and mathematics, followed by an in-depth study of engineering concepts specific to the practice of Mechanical Engineering. The curriculum is based on the core program, which is intended to develop students skills in analysis, computation and experiment, provide a broad overview of all engineering disciplines, and develop general problem solving and decision making skills. The core program is followed by three semesters during which students elect to focus on one of five possible interrelated options within Mechanical Engineering. These programs provide specialized training required to practice as entry-level Mechanical Engineers in several areas, and also provide capstone design experiences for all graduates.

Educational Objectives

Graduates of the mechanical engineering program will:

  • Pursue scientific and technical careers beginning with either graduate study in mechanical engineering and related fields or mechanical engineering positions in industry.
  • Work on interdisciplinary teams that make use of the engineering problem solving method and a broad background in the liberal arts to address societal needs.

Concentration Advisors

Prof. Christian Franck
B&H 739, 401-863-2863

Prof. Pradeep Guduru
B&H 729, 401-863-3362

Undergraduate Study Information

The concentration is composed of the following courses:

  • Interdisciplinary core courses for the Sc.B. 
  • Upper level engineering courses 
  • Design courses 
  • An advanced science course 
  • Four approved humanities courses 

For more information, please see the program guide.

Program Options

  • Aerospace Applications 
  • Biomechanics 
  • Energy Conversion and Fluid and Thermal Systems
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Mechanical Systems: Dynamics, Materials and Design