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Admitted Students Guide: Computing and Information Services

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Brown University requires that all community members behave responsibly and legally in their use of the Universityʼs computing resources.

To activate an account, a student must agree to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and the Copyright Infringement Policy. To use a computer on the network on campus, a student must agree to comply with the Network Connection Policy.

These policies, and other policies that govern specific services, can be found on the web at Students who do not comply will be held personally responsible for violations, including those associated with illegal downloads of copyrighted materials.

IT Service Center
The IT Service Center assists the Brown Community with information technology.  You can obtain help in person, over the phone, by email, or by submitting a ticket online. For more information, see

Network Access
Campus buildings, including all residence halls, are connected to a private campus network and to the Internet. Wireless networking is available in most residence halls, classrooms, academic buildings, and outdoor areas.  To connect to Brown’s secure wireless network, first temporarily connect to the Brown_EZ (unsecured) network and then visit to automatically configure your computer, smart phone, or tablet. For graduate students living off campus, the Brown Bookstore Technology Center offers discounted high-speed Internet access through Cox Cable.

Computing Clusters and Kiosks
Several computing clusters containing Windows and Macintosh computers are located on the Brown campus. Those in the CIT and SciLi are open 24 hours a day (except for Friday and Saturday); the remaining clusters are open 12 to 16 hours a day. There is a dedicated computing cluster restricted to graduate students located on the second floor of the Rockefeller Library. Students must use their Brown Cards to gain access to this cluster. It contains two Macintosh and ten Windows computers in addition to a high-speed laser printer. The Granoff Center for the Creative Arts also offers a multimedia lab with equipment and software for a wide variety of disciplines including, 3D modeling and animation, filmmaking, electronic music, and hypertext authoring. There are also several Internet kiosks in convenient locations on campus so students can quickly check email or a particular website.

Printing is provided in the computing clusters; color printing is available in all except the dedicated graduate cluster. Students can print to campus print release stations from a wired connection in residence hall rooms, or while connected to Brown-Secure wireless. At the start of the academic year, students will receive a $30 printing credit to their Bear Bucks account; more money can be added to the account at ValuePort machines. For printer locations and configuration instructions, see

CIS provides a wide variety of software packages for use by the Brown community. Details regarding restrictions and support levels are available for each product. Brown’s collection of software available runs the gamut from anti-virus to computational. The complete listing of available software can be found at

Computer Training
Graduate students are welcome at both staff-led Computer Education training sessions and undergraduate-led sessions in the Professional and Academic Skills for Students (PASS) program. For more information, see

Computer Education provides training to graduate students, staff, and faculty. Topics include PowerPoint, Excel, Filemaker, and Photoshop. One-on-one training and consultation is also available upon request.

The Professional and Academic Skills for Students (PASS) program includes classes from CIS, the Library, and the Writing Center. Workshops on research, writing, and computer skills are offered throughout the semester. Classes are announced by Morning Mail and on the PASS listserv.

Academic Technology Services:

Instructional Technology Group
The mission of the Instructional Technology Group (ITG) is to support teaching and learning at Brown through researching and promoting new technologies and providing consultation on effective pedagogical practices. The group offers course management support, workshops, showcases, and consultation to faculty and graduate students interested in exploring how technology might enhance their teaching and learning practices. Additionally, ITG provides design and development support to faculty and graduate student instructors requesting academic technology projects  to meet their instructional goals.

Course Management
Canvas, Brown’s course management system, allows faculty to extend the classroom experience online. Faculty can quickly and easily create course web sites where they can post syllabi, electronic readings, online assignments and assessments, and links to course-related resources, multimedia and online-discussion and chat groups, giving students 24/7 access to course resources.

Academic Multimedia Program
The Academic Multimedia Program facilitates the integration of multimedia assignments into courses across multiple disciplines and departments at Brown University. AMP will provide resources, support, training, and technology to faculty and students who are participating in the program.

Multimedia Lab
The Brown University Multimedia labs offer students access to the best equipment available for experimenting with the production of audio, video, and still images, and for authoring hypertext and multimedia projects. Our hardware and software are consistently evaluated in the face of industry trends, academic needs, and artistic exploration. For more information, please visit the Multimedia Lab website.

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