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Walton Named GS Title IX Coordinator

Associate Dean Brian Walton has been named Title IX Coordinator at the Graduate School. In this capacity, he is coordinating with the Office of Institutional Diversity and the Office of Campus Life and Student Services. He will, upon appointment, work with a full-time Title IX program officer for the University. 

Google SVP Sridhar Ramaswamy PhD ‘95 Speaks at IT Lecture

Brown alum and Google Senior Vice President of Advertising and Commerce,  Sridhar Ramaswamy PhD ‘95, will kick off Computer Science's Leaders Lecture Series today at 4 in CIT 368. He reviews his career and the path that led him from Brown to Google and his return as an honored guest to deliver the lecture F1: A Distributed Database That Scales.

A ‘Clear’ Choice for Clearing 3-D Cell Cultures

Biomedical engineering doctoral student Molly Boutin was recently published in the journal Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods for her novel comparison of chemical treatments that make tissues see-through and thus easier to see all the cells and connections throughout a culture. She worked alongside her adviser, Diane Hoffman-Kim, associate professor of medical science in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology and Biotechnology to test the treatments. 

CareerLAB Fall Graduate Programs

This fall, the CareerLAB and Sheridan Center will offer numerous workshops for graduate students, including a PhD job search series for both Academic and Non-Academic employment, split by discipline, as well as a Master's job search series. The CareerLAB always offers individual advising sessions, to set one up, email To see a full listing of events, visit the CareerLab calendar. 

Convocation 2014

Graduate students prepared to walk through the Van Wickle Gates, a rite of Convocation. On the Main Green, President Christina Paxson proclaimed the opening of the academic year and welcomed all students – especially new students – to campus.  Brown’s new Provost, Vicki Leigh Colvin, offered the keynote address, "Fresh Eyes."

Graduate Student Orientation

Graduate Student Orientation featured welcomes from President Christina Paxson and Provost Vicki Leigh Colvin on Friday, August 29. The Graduate School's incoming class of 678 new students includes 283 pursuing doctoral degrees and 395 entering master's programs. Orientation included dean's briefings for master's and Ph.D. students, a resource fair, cookout lunch and peer-led discussions organized by the Graduate Student Council on student life at Brown.

Register for Teaching and Careers Workshop

A free October 3 workshop is available to Brown PhD students who may be interested in careers at teaching-intensive institutions. The workshop is hosted by Brown and its partners in a New England consortium. Session topics range from Teaching-Research Balance to Culturally Inclusive Pedagogy. Learn more and register.

Researchers Discover Boron “Buckyball”

The discovery of buckyballs — soccer-ball-shaped molecules of carbon — helped usher in the nanotechnology era. Now, Lai-Sheng Wang’s research group, including Chemistry doctoral students Wei-Li Li and Zachary Piazza, and colleagues from China have shown that boron, carbon’s neighbor on the periodic table, can form a cage-like molecule similar to the buckyball. Until now, such a boron structure had only been a theoretical speculation. The researchers dubbed their newfound nanostructure “borospherene.”