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PhD Students Build on Bowen's Sigma-2 Discovery

Combatting cancer:

Brown University biologist Wayne Bowen didn’t know 25 years ago what would become of his discovery of the sigma-2 receptor, which may have substantial roles in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But at a national meeting in Chicago last month, it was clear his work had spawned a fertile and vibrant field. Doctoral students Cheri Liu and Hilary Nicholson attended with Bowen and presented research they conducted in the Bowen lab.

Paxson ‘unpacks’ racial health disparities

Levinger lecture

The disturbing and persistent disparities in health between black and white people in the United States arise from a complex mix of socioeconomic disadvantages that should be addressed early in life, said President Christina Paxson in delivering the 2015 Levinger Lecture.

Bats use weighty wings to land upside down

In order to roost upside down on cave ceilings or tree limbs, bats need to perform an aerobatic feat unlike anything else in the animal world. Researchers from Brown University have shown that it’s the extra mass in bats’ beefy wings that makes the maneuver possible.

Paxson to speak on health disparities

Media Advisory

Brown University President Christina Paxson will deliver the Paul Levinger Lecture Monday, Nov. 16, 2015, at 4 p.m. The subject is racial health disparities.

HIV spreads faster as violent conflict looms

Global health

A new Brown University analysis of HIV incidence in 36 sub-Saharan African countries finds that new HIV infections rise significantly in the five years before armed conflict breaks out.

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