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Self-calibration enhances BrainGate ease, reliability

Innovations in the decoders of the investigational BrainGate brain-computer interface now allow the system to recalibrate itself. Users can work with BrainGate for longer sessions without interruptions for recalibration by technical staff.

PFOA exposure in utero linked to child adiposity and faster BMI gain

A study of more than 200 Cincinnati households finds that the children of mothers who experienced higher levels of exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) while pregnant had higher body fat and faster weight gain through age 8. The participants live downstream from a chemical plant that used PFOA.

After strong growth, life sciences postdocs now declining

Susan Gerbi and colleagues note a recent decline in life sciences postdocs at U.S. universities after decades of growth. Addressing the reasons why the position seems less attractive would preserve a vital flow of talent for academic research, they argue.

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