Financial Literacy Programs


2014 Financial Literacy Week on the Green2014 Financial Literacy Week on the Green

CAMPUS-WIDE FINANCIAL LITERACY PROGRAM:  Brown University Loan Office, Financial Services, the Office of Financial Aid, and Alpert Medical School Office of Financial Aid have teamed up to educate the Brown community on financial basics. We're committed to helping students gain the financial knowledge to make informed decisions.


AAMC FIRST CertifiedAAMC FIRST Certified

AT THE MEDICAL SCHOOL:  The AMS Office of Financial Aid welcomes individualized financial counseling sessions before, during, and after your medical school years.  We are available weekdays from 8:30am - 5:00pm, so please schedule an appointment at your convenience by emailing us at or give us a call at 401-863-1142.  We provide easily accessible, individual financial guidance, and encourages medical students to join us for:

First Year One-on-One Meetings:  During your first months as a medical student and financial aid recipient, you will be invited to meet individually with the Director or Assistant Director to review disbursement and budgeting strategies.  This mandatory meeting gives us a chance to understand your financial goals and needs.  Feel free to bring questions and a projected budget!  

Fourth Year Loan Repayment Sessions:  As medical school winds down and graduation approaches, the Office of Financial Aid welcomes your questions and offers support with loan repayment.  Scheduling an individual meeting to discuss loan repayment options, public service loan forgiveness, and loan deferment is highly recommended.  A loan repayment schedule will be created and reviewed during the session.   Review loan repayment programs available during both residency and in practice.

Federal Loan Entrance Counseling 

Regulations governing the disbursement of federally guaranteed loans require that every new borrower receive loan counseling before their loans may be disbursed. The purpose of this is to familiarize you with the process of financing your medical school education, including your rights as a borrower, your obligations, benefits (e.g., deferment options), and personal budgeting issues. The Brown Loan Office offers online  loan entrance counseling to satisfy the federal government's requirement and will contact each new borrower with instructions on how to complete this.

Federal Loan Exit Counseling

Loan exit counseling is required of all students who have received federal and institutional student loans. When a student graduates, drops below half-time, or withdraws from school, they will be asked to complete loan exit counseling.  The Brown Loan Office will be in touch with medical students on how to complete these requirements online.