Welcome to the Bursar's Office Web Site


The Bursar's Office is responsible for the billing and collections of tuition and fees. Questions regarding all charges that appear on the students account may be directed to the Bursar's Office.

Our payment deadline for the fall term is August 1 and the payment deadline for the spring term is January 1.

Electronic Statements are produced in late June for the fall semester (due August 1) and in mid-November for spring semester (due January 1).  An email is sent to the student's Brown email account and to the email address of their Authorized Users when a new statement is available. Electronic statements may be printed, downloaded, or saved to a file by logging into http://payment.brown.edu.

Things you need to know:

Many families, regardless of whether they receive need-based financial aid, are interested in options of how to finance an education at Brown.  There are several financing options that Brown families may consider to best meet their individual financing needs.  This interactive planner has been created to help families estimate their student account and identify resources to pay for their educational expenses.

Communications: Email is the official form of University communications.  The University, including the Bursar Office sends official and important messages to the student's Brown email account and it is expected that students read them.  It is important for students to activate their Brown email account when they become a student and to check it on a daily basis for important information and announcements.

Student Refunds: Refunds of account overpayments may be requested electronically.

Authorized Users Access: Parents can view student account balances and make payments.

Bookstore Purchases: Students may charge purchases  to the students account.

Bear Bucks Account:  A convenient method of making University purchases.

Tuition Leave Refund Policy: Students who leave the University under certain conditions or change their enrollment status during a term may be eligible for tuition payment refunds during the first five weeks of the term. 

Dewar Tuition Refund Plan: A program that minimizes  the financial portion of losses incurred when a student suffers a serious illness or injury and has to leave Brown before the semester is completed.

Auxiliary Housing: Students residing in Brown owned apartments are billed on  their student account.

Office of International Programs (OIP):  All study abroad undertaken by Brown undergraduates for credit toward their Brown degree are coordinated by OIP.

Title IV Authorization:  Students receiving federal awards are required to complete a Title IV authorization.  The authorization provides instructions to the University on how to apply excess Title IV funds from the student's account.  Your authorized also instructs the University on refunding over-payments or on holding funds on the account for a future date.  The Title IV Authorization can be found in selfservice.brown.edu under the students Financial Aid Requirements.