MPH:Epidemiology Track

Epidemiology Track
The mission of the MPH epidemiology track is to prepare students for professions aimed at reducing disease burden and disparities through a strong background in epidemiology methods.

Track Specific Competencies

  • Identify and describe public health problems important to a specific population.
  • Demonstrate methodological expertise in formulating a research hypothesis, study design, obtaining or collecting epidemiologic data, and data analysis.
  • Effectively communicate epidemiologic information to diverse audiences in diverse settings.
  • Evaluate the strengths and limitations of epidemiologic reports.
  • Draw appropriate inferences from epidemiologic data.

All students in the Epidemiology Track complete PHP2070, Public Health Community Service Internship.  The internship includes a core curriculum as well as a field experience tailored to the student’s public health interests and future career goals. 

All students are required to complete a thesis.  Students work with faculty advisors to design a thesis project appropriate to their interests and career path in the epidemiologic aspects of public health.

Core Curriculum Courses
Students in all tracks are required to complete the MPH Core Courses, which can be found here :

Epidemiology Track Core Requirements

There are two course options to satisfy the core course requirement in epidemiology.  However, students in the Epidemiology Track must take:

PHP2150, Foundations in Epidemiologic Research Methods 

Students who have completed PHP2120 who wish to enter the epidemiology track must meet with the epidemiology track academic advisor and the MPH Program Director to request that these PHP2120 meet the core requirement for epidemiology.  Based on an assessment of the student’s background, course performance and knowledge base, PHP2120 may be able to substitute for PHP2150.

Epidemiology Track Specific Requirements
Intermediate Epidemiologic Methods: 
PHP2200, Intermediate Methods in Epidemiologic Research

Analysis of Population Based Datasets
PHP2430, Analysis of Population Based Datasets
Epidemiology Elective (choose1)
PHP2030, Clinical Trials Methodology
PHP2090, Scientific Writing in Public Health
PHP2180, Interpretation and Application of Epidemiology
PHP2210, Epidemiology of Chronic Disease
PHP2220B, Nutritional Epidemiology
PHP2602, Analysis of Lifetime Data
PHP2603, Analysis of Longitudinal Data
SOC1340, Principles and Methods of Geographic Information Systems
PHP2130, Human Biology for Epidemiology
PHP2220C, Perinatal Epidemiology
PHP2222, Genetics, Human Population and Diseases
PHP2240, Methods of Environmental Epidemiology

The total course requirement is 13, including both core requirements and electives.  Each student works out an individualized elective plan, with the support of faculty advisors.