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October 31, 2006
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October 30, 2006
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Providence Business News   October 28, 2006
A profile of Professor Kenneth Wong includes a look at the University’s new master’s program in urban education policy. Wong directs the program.   October 30, 2006
Amie Street, an online retail site for independent music started by three members of the Class of 2006 and for whom several Brown students currently work, is among 25 startup businesses featured in the magazine’s search for “the best young entrepreneurs in the U.S.” age 25 and younger.

Associated Press   October 30, 2006
Professor of Political Science Darrell West remarks on the use of unflattering images in campaign advertisements. This wire service article ran in several newspapers and appeared on scores of media Web sites.

Providence Journal   October 31, 2006
Professor of Political Science Darrell West discusses the recent change in campaign strategy employed by supporters of a referendum to build a casino in Rhode Island.
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New York Times   October 30, 2006
Although they regularly elect Democrats to both chambers of the state legislature, Rhode Islanders are in the habit of electing a Republican governor. Why? Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, offers some insight.
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Associated Press   October 30, 2006
A group of scientists is backing former Rep. Tom Sawyer, D-Ohio, for an elected seat on the Ohio Board of Education. Professor of Biology Kenneth Miller is campaigning in Ohio for Sawyer and other pro-evolution candidates. "I think it's important to seat a strong pro-science majority if only to serve as a signal to the rest of the country,” Miller said. This wire service story appeared in several newspapers and in scores of news Web sites around the world.

New York Times   October 26, 2006
Throughout Ohio, scientists, including Professor of Biology Kenneth Miller, are campaigning for candidates who support the teaching of evolution in Ohio’s schools.
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Providence Journal   October 26, 2006
U.S. Sen. Lincoln D. Chafee, along with representatives from the state Department of Environmental Management, Brown University, and the federal Trust for Public Land, say plans are in the works to use federal money to purchase land off Route 101/Hartford Pike to serve as a gateway to Jerimoth Hill and potentially to purchase all or part of a 138-acre parcel on the hill that is in private hands. Brown owns a 5-acre clearing atop the 812-foot hill where its Astronomy Department has a storage shed and fixtures for portable telescopes, but no permanent observatory.
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National Public Radio   October 30, 2006
Ted Widmer, director of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University and a former speechwriter in the Clinton White House, edited a new two-volume anthology of American speeches. He discusses the book, which “shows that political speaking has framed and rallied every great event from the revolution to the present day.” Audio is available at

Brown University press release   October 30, 2006
New computing tools emable Peter Richardson, professor of engineering and physiology, to test ideas about blood flow and clotting that he first proposed more than 30 years ago. His collaboration with mathematics colleagues Igor Pivkin and George Karniadakis resulted in a model that integrates fluid dynamics with platelet biochemistry and could provide new insights into the treatment and prevention of strokes and heart attacks.